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MLeth's GLOW Tutorial

Here we go! Finally got around to make a dang glow tutorial :iconfreddiememeplz:

I hope you'll be able to learn at least one thing from it :D
I'll let the tutorial speak for itself aka this description is gonna be empteeeeh.

Oh and btw - SAI is nice.

Here's a Russian translation of this very tutorial:…

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Deviations used in this tutorial:
In The Dark of Night by MLeth You're Mine Tonight by MLeth Aether by MLeth

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Planetrix's avatar
Ohmigosh, I've really really needed a resource like this.  Thank you *so* much for creating this tutorial!
MLeth's avatar
Glad to hear it! Here's an alternativeand simpler technique you could use: MLeth's Simple Glow Tutorial (Photoshop)
Planetrix's avatar
Awesome, thanks much! :D
ChikaZuri's avatar
Awesome, super useful!
So many glow tutorials I find only go over, like, one blending mode. Thank you for sharing your techniques.
MLeth's avatar
Nice, glad to hear it!
oneturnkill's avatar
Fabulous tutorial. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us! :dummy:
PadawanTimeLord's avatar
Thank you thank you thank you! I've been struggling with this effect and your advice is super helpful.
Merrysol66's avatar
Great tutorial, thanks! Clap 
AaronKTJ's avatar
Great advice. Your artstyle's great too. :)
twocupsofbancha's avatar
This is actually simpler than I thought and yet it looks so sophisticated omg

(just kidding, it only looks easy but when you try it out you realise it's hard as hell LOL)
Anyway, thanks for sharing this! I'll be sure to use this tip~
MLeth's avatar
Hehe, the trick is also to chose when or when not to use glow!

Good luck in your glowy adventures :D
twocupsofbancha's avatar
Why, exactly. I immediately felt like everything needed glow while colouring, hahaha~
Thank you! ;u;
arkrilik2000's avatar
Thanks a lot! I always wondered how it was done :)
AussieGirlEmi's avatar
MLeth. ;D Do you think you could make a Glow Tutorial in Paint Tool Sai? <3
MLeth's avatar
Well, I don't use Sai so.. ):
AussieGirlEmi's avatar
Awww..I am too used to using it..I try using Photoshop and keep on messing up xD
REPLOID's avatar
Awesome, funny and really helpful. Thanks! 
AquaAurion's avatar
This looks great! I've always wondered how people get so nice glow effects, so I'm thankful that you made this! Especially since it's for ps and not sai =)
KyuremGirl's avatar
So this Adobe Photoshop. Is it a free download?
MLeth's avatar
Unfortunately not, no - There might be some free trials around though!
RDdigital's avatar
nice dude it's realy important in paintings that artists need focus on light effects.
thanks for tutorial.....Love Love Love Love Love 
MLeth's avatar
Hehe, you're welcome!
otakusenpai's avatar
This is going to be so helpfull!!! I thank you awesome artist.
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