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MLeth's Coloring Tutorial (Photoshop)

KoSa - Kingdom of Sweden Award by petrova

My old art teacher from when I went to school 8 years ago started to teach her students about digital art which is a new thing in that particular school. She showed the students my art and one of them recognized me from deviantART which was pretty neat! Small world. Anyway!

The teacher asked me if I could come over to the school and teach the kids a thing or two about digital art but because I'm a shy and anxious dude I politely turned down the offer. Then she asked if I could at least write down some tips for the students and this is what I did! Maybe it could help some of you new digital artists get started! These steps are very basic and I never really go into that much detail about any of them but hopefully it can help you out either way!
The tutorial was originally in Swedish but since I'm one nice motherf*cker I translated it all for ya!

Here's another tutorial:
MLeth's GLOW Tutorial by MLeth

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This is awesome. Thank you for the tutorial
Merrysol66's avatar
Nice tutorial, thanks! Clap 
Caeruleumdraconem's avatar
You really are one nice MOTHERF*CKER. (Your words!)
This helped a great deal, since I never really knew how to color correctly, let alone shade!

MLeth's avatar
Haha, glad to hear it! Good luck with future coloring endeavors! :ahoy:
Caeruleumdraconem's avatar
Thanks! Already started working on a project, hope it turns out well.:D (Big Grin) 
AlizesArts's avatar
Thank you! I learned a lot of new things from this; I didn't even know what locking layers was for before seeing this. 
MLeth's avatar
Oh man, layer locking is the best thing ever xD
Becarra's avatar
Nicely done :)
Plenilunij-Lee's avatar
Very cool! Thanks for the tutorial!
Matthiaos's avatar
just a quick question on line art part do you use pen tool on that part?
MLeth's avatar
Ah, no I use the brush tool. I don't like the artificial feel you get from the pen tool ^^
Matthiaos's avatar
can I ask one more question? it's kinda unrelated to the picture.
what does multiply do again to colors. I saw lots of artist after putting base color they use multiply @_@
MLeth's avatar
If you put your layer blending mode or brush setting to multiply it will make things darker basically xD The best way to see what it really does is to open up photoshop yourself and then paint on a random color. Then you make another layer and use the same color to paint over whatever you drew on the first layer.
Some people like to shade their basecolors with one single color set on multiply which works pretty well, depending on the situation!
DeviantDreams's avatar
This was a really good guide. Thanks for making it!
Ullbors's avatar
Always fun to get an insight into other artists workflow :)
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Grattis du har fått en KoSa för detta verk! Motivering finns i senaste nyhetsbrevet. Du är välkommen att använda KoSa-stamp i din deviations description :heart:
Poki-art's avatar
you like drawing round nice butts dont you? <mee tooooo>
MLeth's avatar
Yarr, I'm not a fan of square butts!
the-kid36's avatar
MLeth's avatar
:iconhakasenyanniplz: Ye be welcome!
supertobi101's avatar
yes! more coloring tuts! :D
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