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Valleys, huh - Gotta love em! 'Nother mouse painting for ya (:
I just never get tired of doing these goddamnit

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Another wonderful setting. Looks a bit like some of the waterways in Alaska. The lighting is awesome.
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Ah thanks man! I do love doing these <3
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Came out pretty nice man!
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Thank you! :D

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Wow, I love the light coming through the clouds!
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This is beautiful!
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Awesome as always.
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Another great landscape
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Thanks dood :'D
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Beautiful landscape!
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Wonderful work.
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Thank you :')
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It’s like a life goal where you want that view from your balcony as you enjoy the evening...
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You just keep getting better at these! The play of sunlight from the clouds and on the water is gorgeous!

I read somewhere that artists often work best when their options are limited, something about it tightening your focus and making you get the best out of what tools you have and I think your mouse work proves the truth of it!
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I think that's absolutely true! I tend to just focus on making sure I get a balanced amount of shapes in there to make for an attractive piece!

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Awesome art <3
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