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Gift - Avatar State

This is a birthday gift for a very dear friend that goes by the name ReneeViolet! She absolutely adore Avatar and I always make fun of her whenever she starts talking about it! It's as if every subject always leads to it, like what the heck? But I think it's simply because it has been such a huge part of her growth as a person and as an artist. The influences can be seen in her on both of those fronts as she's a great, tolerant and understanding friend just like the show is so much about. She won't hesitate to smash a chair over my back when I go overboard with my crazy antics though and I think that's what it's all about isn't it?
So here you go, have a sexy Aang doing what he does best - Being a goddamn badass.

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Best series finale I've ever watched!
MLeth's avatar
It's very good!
KiroManiaPrime's avatar
Avatar is easily one of the best cartoons.
TheFurriner794's avatar
Funny thing is, I just watched Avatar last month.
MLeth's avatar
It's a good one, isn't it?
TheFurriner794's avatar
"Good" is an understatement.
Fire! I like it!
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iqbalFuutaro's avatar
Absolutely great!
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id9898's avatar
MLeth's avatar
iiGriff's avatar
Very well done.
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ZedEdge's avatar
What a fantastic image. As a overboard fan myself, this would be an absolutely brilliant birthday gift. Well done, you.
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Thanks man! 
fighterxaos's avatar
That is amazing! 
carlodina's avatar
I seriously thought that was Saitama (one punch man.) Thats a neck for me.
FireNationPhoenix's avatar
This needs to be a friggin daily deviation 
Thirrinaki's avatar
I love the difference in textures! I love all of it in fact :)
Darianblood's avatar
Never watched the show but that image is seriously awesome!
Seeing that picture send chills down my spine just like the finale of avatar did Aang Emote 
tehwatcher's avatar
1st aavatar ahhh

2nd so amaizng detail works and nice abs ;)
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