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Freckled Elf Cutie

Just a cutie for #cutiesaturday over on Twitter! I'm really happy about the end result of this though! 

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usoutlaw's avatar
how old does she look? my friends says she looks like shes in her teens. I just dont see it
MLeth's avatar
Hmm, I don't know! Maybe late 20's?
Alysandir's avatar
Just saw this again in the "More from MLeth" sidebar and just wanted to say I really appreciate you working Finn into the regular rotation. I know you've said you are not taking commissions at present, but Finn is perhaps the next best thing, because of her strong resemblance to my OC, Rowan.
MLeth's avatar
Aw, well I'm glad to hear it! I used to draw random girls all the times years ago but now it doesn't happen all that often so Finn is a happy accident
fighterxaos's avatar
Title is truth. :D
cloudiwolf's avatar
So full of attitude, I love this! Great job! Your art is always such a delight. ^^
MLeth's avatar
Aw, thanks man!
Hi3po's avatar
ow wow she's cute. but not as hot as Brooke
MLeth's avatar
Dang straight!
goatink's avatar
Super cutie, very nice work :D
MLeth's avatar
Thanks dude!
EmyBun's avatar
What a cutie! I love her eyes.
MLeth's avatar
Aw thanks Emy!
She is cute indeed
MLeth's avatar
tehwatcher's avatar
1st she has such a lovely face adventurous and beautiful

2nd and love red hair X3
MLeth's avatar
Hoho thanks dude!
tehwatcher's avatar
1st your welcome

2nd :)
Darianblood's avatar
Love the different style, she sure is a cutie :)
MLeth's avatar
Thanks man! Experimented quite a bit with her face :D
AngelicAdonis's avatar
Very cute indeed! :D
MLeth's avatar
Goomuin's avatar
She looks fantastic :dummy:
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