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Emily and Yunie Reborn




These are the new designs for Emily and Yunie, my two oldest OC's, originally from a story called "The Digital Fairy Saga". It's sorta sketchy though, since it's just a reference for future illustrations xD (The designs will probably change further ahead anyway.
I've now rewritten pretty much all of the lore and back story for these two gals into a much more straight forward and focused story. The story is no longer called "The Digital Fairy Saga" though; I'm still figuring out a title.
(They will still have their earpieces, don't worry!).

This means that I will now be making more illustrations of this universe of mine! I'm so happy to finally come back to this story of mine.. It's been with me ever since 2007, but it has overgone so many changes over the years and it's finally in a state where I can see it turn into a great story.

More of these characters and the world they live in:…

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Awesome design :)