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Dark Planet Saga - Novus



Edit: Altered the hues and levels a bit

I've been writing short stories about the characters in the story in order to get a better feel for them! This painting is an illustration from one of those stories. (Download the word document here if you want: Yunie and Led <-- That's right, a sneak peak at Dark Planet Saga!)
This is the Novus Orsa crash site where the crew has been living for the past 2+ years. Yunie is out on adventures while her stepfather, Lars the engineer, is working in the hangar. To keep an eye on her, Lars built a spider droid to follow Yunie wherever she goes in hope to keep her around Novus. Obviously that doesn't work since Yunie is one stubborn person and the droid can't control her.

Okay so... I can't seem to get my ideas down on canvas with sketches... So here you have an incredibly advanced matte painting (more advanced than it had to be). I estimate the number photos I used to be over 20 xD Only Yunie herself is built from 5 different stock photos. ( Lara Croft / Sarah Connor Style STOCK <- This being one of them. Yep.) And the lanscape has around 6-7 photos. But yeah, this obviously was a lot of work but it was very fun as well! Hope you like it.

Here's some examples of the photos I used just so you can get an idea:……………

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