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By MLeth
Lasso tool test thingy~

Also, pic was inspired by the norwegian movie "The Troll Hunter". Check it out : )

Please do not use, or alter, my work in any way without my permission.

If you have any questions, have a look at my FAQ first: [link]
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© 2012 - 2021 MLeth
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HawkHunting's avatar
i saw that movie
i like that picture, good useage of lights and shading
i would love to see a more detailed colossus
Nadsoup's avatar
Very nice use of warm colours! love it ;)
XAlaa's avatar
Nice colors :) Your works are beautiful :)
I really like it :)
renKa002's avatar
Loving the colors and the smoothness of this one :D
taibossigai's avatar
Gorgeous colours in this! Love the outerspace feel you've created here.

...whoops, the thumbnail for this one made me think it was a couple embracing, boy was I wrong!... :blush:
MLeth's avatar
A couple embracing.. Now that you say it xD Looks pretty cool if you look at it that way!
MLeth's avatar
*pull you down into the tall grass* Schh, be quiet.. *whispers* We'll have to wait for the sun to rise or else it'll see us. It always wanders on the edge of night!
0tacoon's avatar
This was drawn with nothing but a lasso tool?

Seriously though, cool pic, dude! :D
MLeth's avatar
Well lasso tool and gradients : ) Thanks
tomzinderland's avatar
den ser galet farlig ut :(... SNYGGT MATTE!!!!
Nakubi's avatar
Så fort jag såg denna blev jag "åh, den är gjord av leth" bara genom att titta på färgerna, hur den är gjord osv. När man kan se sådant bara sådär, när det till stor del bara är en bakgrund, är det extremt coolt! Du har verkligen en egen stil, så keep going! Jätte bra gjort!
MLeth's avatar
Håhåå, man tackar! Kul o höra att det är lätt o känna igen min stil!
LordColts's avatar
Fantastic work! Love the mood of this painting! =D
MLeth's avatar
SPartanen's avatar
awesomeness! (awesome filmsmak också!)
NordicLynx's avatar
Jag gillar färgerna. Han ser ganska ledsen och ensam ut... Det kanske är så när man är koloss
7de2's avatar
    asdfghjkl I need to come on dA more just to see your art! ; u ;
SecretlyLaughingAtU's avatar
oo i like the way you did the scenery!! amazing job
Jensfromsweden's avatar
Koolt : O mer sånt här ploww
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