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2003-2017 Progress meme

By MLeth
2017 edit: It didn't take much to motivate me to update this thing again! A person commented on it and I was like "I gotsa update this shet" and so I did! It might inspire some people who might not have seen this the last time I updated it! Also bare in mind that the description of earlier years were written by a younger and weirder me!
Want to point out that I do call myself an "art student" in the 2005 description but I wasn't a proper art student - It was more just that specific orientation I chose going to "gymnasiet (16-18)" which only taught me the basics!


2013 edit: So instead of doing a summary of this year I decided to update this one! The last update was in 2009 so.. xD Here you go!

The following was written in 2009:

I thought I'd do this one like everybody else 8D And it was alot of fun looking through old crap. And it was really difficult finding the older stuff.. Had to dig through many piles of drawings and had to figure out which year they were from. Superdetective MLeth succeded in the end!

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Kronosx2008's avatar
tremendo avanze, acabo de conocerte desde una pajina, artistica o algo asi.
MLeth's avatar
I don't know what you're saying but thank you!
Kronosx2008's avatar
hahaha I thought you were the author of a page
to learn to draw, that's why I wrote in Spanish.

in a few words this example image comes out
that the drawing is improved with practice.
C05M0NAUT's avatar
Oh muh gawd, progress!
It really does happen!
Stuff like this give me hope, my dude! ;u;
MLeth's avatar
Haha happy to hear it man! Just gotsa keep drawin' and when you least expect it you'll look back at your old work and say "Yeah, this was all worth it."
TheAntiCat's avatar
I see a few QTs I've not encountered before.

If anyone needs me, I'll be raiding the archives. 
MLeth's avatar
Have fun scavenging!
TheAntiCat's avatar
With your adorably brilliant art, it's a treat!
Darianblood's avatar
Man, that's an impressive set of images, even as a kid you had mad skills!

Really like that Luna Lovegood pic from 2013, you got her face picture perfect :)
MLeth's avatar
Haha I would've probably improved faster if I went to a proper art school xD But alas, I was too lazy to look that far ahead when I was younger! I've always been a "living-in-the-moment"-kind of guy!

And thanks! I still really like how Luna came out!
Ultamisia's avatar
2003 FTW haha man you grew in skill insanely fast!
MLeth's avatar
Glad to hear it dude! Guess that's what happens when you have a lot of time on your hands xD
NAFERI's avatar
You are awsome sir!
MLeth's avatar
Thanks dawwg :icongoodjob-plz:
Meto30's avatar
A wonderful self-tribute and a very good opportunity to take inventory, and plan out the road ahead. Cheers to your achievements, and here's to every further beyond!
MLeth's avatar
Cheers for the nice words! :ahoy:
leedarhed's avatar
Lol, your artworks and professional growth are really inspiring! Thank you :).
MLeth's avatar
Glad to be of inspiration!
Freimgul's avatar
28+? Damn you are old... Just kiddin :D
Nice progress btw! I think, I first found you when the nude little fairies came out, and stayed for the awesome moeness of your gallery :D. And I gotta say you really improved a lot recently. Now you are a real pro!
MLeth's avatar
Hmpf! Back in my day the youngins respected their elders! *shake cane*

The naked fairies.. So that was around 2010 then? That's dedication! Aaaww I'm a real pro now? That's pretty comforting to hear :'D
Freimgul's avatar
Probably yes, around 2010. I'm watching you with two accounts, now that I think about it. Cos this acc is only 4-5 years old.

And you where always a talented guy, I liked your works and stuff. But in the recent few years I really see you among the great pros. The, front page regular level pros.
MLeth's avatar
That's honestly cool to hear - I mean I basically just churned out tons of stuff last year which kinda forced me towards the front page automatically but maybe I'm just biased towards my art haha
Freimgul's avatar
There are many artist who churns out tons of stuff, yet doesn't reach front. It means nothing without high quality... or some front page bait hype title like MLP. Ponies, Steven Universe and stuff like this, are usually tickets to front page even for mediocre artists, but whatever...
OscarAnoA's avatar
Thanks for sharing!

It's always fun to see were an artist who really dedicates to its work comes from!
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