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2003-2017 Progress meme

2017 edit: It didn't take much to motivate me to update this thing again! A person commented on it and I was like "I gotsa update this shet" and so I did! It might inspire some people who might not have seen this the last time I updated it! Also bare in mind that the description of earlier years were written by a younger and weirder me!
Want to point out that I do call myself an "art student" in the 2005 description but I wasn't a proper art student - It was more just that specific orientation I chose going to "gymnasiet (16-18)" which only taught me the basics!


2013 edit: So instead of doing a summary of this year I decided to update this one! The last update was in 2009 so.. xD Here you go!

The following was written in 2009:

I thought I'd do this one like everybody else 8D And it was alot of fun looking through old crap. And it was really difficult finding the older stuff.. Had to dig through many piles of drawings and had to figure out which year they were from. Superdetective MLeth succeded in the end!

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tremendo avanze, acabo de conocerte desde una pajina, artistica o algo asi.