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Firefly ATCs

Did some Firefly drawing this past week. These took far to long to draw and a few of them turned out less awesome than I had been hoping. I think I've been out of practice for too long (my normal sketchbook? untouched in MONTHS). Well, part of what I intend to rectify the next few weeks...
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Fixed it for you!

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There all so real, yet, so....cute and cartoony
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Awesome! They're just the right mix between realism and a small bit of cartoon/sketch style... Love it.
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These are exquisite.  Bravo.
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Wow, I love these! 
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Awh these are all so cute!
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Miss that show so very much!
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Still awesome in 2012! The show too! ^__~
I think the resemblances to the actors are spot on!
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So detailed! I love it!!
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I think they are awesome!
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I think you did a remarkable job of capturing a little of each of their personalities in the expressions. Very well done.
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Thanks! I love the show. :)
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wow that is really really good! it looks like it could be used in a comic book!
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I wish I could translate this skill into comics art... they seem to be different parts of the brain. :/
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Someone hire you to do the next comic book... actually no, the cartoon series!

Thanks for the drawings, linked to it at fansite Summer Glau Wiki [link]
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Haha. First hand, I can swear that drawing a comic is a helluva lot harder than doing portrait sketches. I will never pretend I can do what the masters at Dark Horse have done with this series. :)
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FINALLY, somebody gets Mal's face right! Good job.
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Aw, thanks! It's not my favorite Mal sketch (there were some nicer ones in my old sketchbook; I think I'm gonna have to try again one of these days).
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wow that is really great !!
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Thanks! I think I'm gonna do some more this year in a toony style. It's been ages since I watched the series again. :)
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