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Laying down the groundwork for future tutorials on the subject.

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Still useful till this day, thanks!
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Great tutorial! I'll have to try it. Some other hints from my experience: rectangles or dark crosses in rectangles as highlights to indicate interior location (windows)... defining the horizon line in the reflection, particularly in exteriors... natural, flourescent, and halogen light have different shapes and colors.. showing the viewer as a dark shape in the reflection's center... an object only reflects things that are lighter than it's base shade, and will effect the color... even latex has texture, and is not evenly shiny.

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This is great. Just what I needed
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Thanks!!!! I love~ ♥
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This is such a fantastic guide ~
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OH .. cool. This is very helpful. Meow :3 
Nod Nod  Nice Work.
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nice, ill keep that in mind
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This is awesome! Thank you so much for making it! :D
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i'll try this out later, thank you 

Whoooo.... love the color combination, they are cool, smart and trendy. Superb collection - See morehq shirts

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THanks. I was looking for something like this.
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This is super handy. Thank you.
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A beautiful shade
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Thanks a lot, nice guide!
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Thank you I needed this.
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whaou impressionnant :)
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God, I've seen this tutorial long time ago and I couldn't find it again. I'm so happy I finally did! Thank you for this great tutorial, I'm going to try it as soon as possible! I hope I can make the latex look like the first example of the F part. Thank you agaiiiinnnn!!!!! :D 
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Great tutorial.
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Wow… I gotta remember this!
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Thanks I will have to use this for help with creating on IMVU.
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Great work, thank so very much for sharing your work
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