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Celestia Final

By mldoxy
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Cleaned it up

Updated image. Changed it to a color I like better and flipped it.
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Love her body curves, amazing overall body shape. Boobs are just a tad little too big but that's ok. 
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Praise the Sun!
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Cool! I miss the tattoo from the first 1 though
Merc-King's avatar
And this is why Solare and other SunBros always praise the sun.
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You're a master in coloring. Just use this picture to draw lines but hope try improve my coloring style with a bit of your style !
uberbomb's avatar
OH MY GOSH !  Meow :3  Love  
zokizamantikore's avatar
why do you leave the horns but not the wings? =O its fucking awesome by the way 
LoveMeCheerilee's avatar
Those are clouds behind her, not wings ^^
zokizamantikore's avatar
I know, but what I meant is that when mldoxy draws the ponies in human form he makes tem with the horns but not with the wings =]
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very nice work !!!
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That body, those boobs <.< Nice work.
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I feel very wrong to be a one of you watchers. This is a sin which probably take my sould to hell. Whatever.
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....okay I don't care about whatever image I have I AM NOW ONE OF YOUR WATCHERS!!!
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Love this piece.... but those eyes, they creep me out D:
Dekiar70's avatar
Loving the wonderful bright and saturated colors. And the breasts, of course... and the curves.
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you're a goal to achieve
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very cute colors. nice job
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The Line and Colors are so smooth. I love it.
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