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During Labor Day weekend of 2014, I was compelled to cosplay as Lightning Farron and make the Equilibrium garb from Final Fantasy XIII - Lightning Returns. Why I chose this particular costume as my first hardcore, dedicated focus remains a mystery, even to me, but the idea had launched into the most stressful journey of my life, one of much agony, misery, and suffering. I recruited a team that would essentially be my most valuable resource to completing what I called "Project Crimson Savior". 7 months later, the project was barely finished (and by barely, I mean 5 hours before debuting), just in time for Sakura-con 2015 during the 1st weekend of April 2015. I wanted to personally thank my team in this post.

Black Smith: Thank you Kirby for making Lightning's Crimson Blitz sword, for initiating your "nolife" phase to get that sword done in time for the con. Even when disaster struck and the resin phase went horribly wrong, you sacrificed your cosplay project to finish mine and the weapon turned out looking fantastic! I could not have been badass without your hard work.

Seamstress: Thank you LiliNeko for sewing every damn buckle and strap this bitch's costume had. Seriously, I've never seen a costume have so much hidden leather work in my life. As your hubby stated, we should have just strolled into a BDSM shop and would have found most of our supplies, but I made you grit your teeth and muscle through everything. You were patient with me, despite my project costing you two sets of broken/bent sewing needles. God bless your caring heart!

Paint Master: Thank you PapaSmurf for having mercy on me and painting the remainder of my stuff, including the vambrace, pauldron, and sword. I know you took pity on my soul when you saw me repaint those buckles 6 times and spent 8 hours air brushing two pairs of leather pants. You also risked your reputation by sealing the paint on my sword in the hotel hallway the day of the con. Kudos to you!

Hair Dresser: Thank you Yume-Ayonie for trimming my hair, cutting my wig, and teaching me how to style it. There was no way in hell I even had time to touch Lightning's insanely asymmetrical hair lengths with her ridiculously, contradictory hair style. Thank you for putting up with me almost passing out as you were cutting my hair because of my inflamed appendix. I know it was distracting for you to see me zone out, but you bared through it, for TWO haircuts to boot! You have such an understanding heart.

Hair Stylist: Thank you ADayIn for doing the actual styling while I was busy gluing Lightning's boobs together. That chick had issues, but you tackled it well! With last minute instructions from me and first time spiking hair for you, you did a splendid job! Also, thank you for taking initiative with helping everyone with their cosplay. You were a true trooper when helping souls in need, even when they didn't even ask you for help. We need more of your kind in this world!

Props Masters: Thank you TinyBro, LilBro, and BigDaddy for allowing me to exploit your time and do the foam work for me. Those shoulder pads and pauldrons were stressing the hell out of me, but you did most of the time consuming work with the endless cutting, and heat forming, and gluing, and spray painting, and hand painting. BigDaddy even threw in the extra LED lights at the end to make that bitch glow. You all have truly devoted your time for this useless cause and that says so much love from you three. Thank you so much!

Thank you team! I could not have completed this project on time without any of you. Even though the costume suffered massive malfunctions during the convention, even when the fake boobs ended up hanging extremely low, even when the costume ended up promoting Frederick's lingerie instead of showcasing that badass vambrace, even when my absurd pants began to sag OFF my ass, even when we had to run away from the rave dance when my top came off, it was WELL worth ALL the effort! Outrageous memories were created, bonding time with love ones were met, I will forever hold everything that had happen because of this project, close to my heart. Always!

With much love and tears of happiness,


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HeidiWilks Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2016
Thanks so much for the "Bring Sam Back" cosplay -- and kudos for getting Gail Simone on board! That was a coup! :D
mldcmx Featured By Owner May 29, 2016  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
No, Thank YOU for being such an avid fan of the TR series! I see you around with pfangirl alot and seen some of your fanfics too, so I'm stoked you saw my campaign. Thank you so much!
HeidiWilks Featured By Owner May 30, 2016
Awwww, that's so sweet -- we Sam fans have to stick together *hugs*
RedKid11 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
hey there, just droppin' by to say thanks for the watch (:
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ninaz34 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014
Thank you so much for the favorite it really means so much to me!
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