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Danball Senki: Equestria adventures Season 3 Ep 1
A sequel to a awesome and sad Fan fic  Robcraken called; My Little Dashie. If you havent read it, I recommend you do first befire you read this.
Opening: Burst the gravity (Accel World:
- Cue My Little Dashie fan song: -
Dashie: *crying* But I belong here! With you!
???: No Dashie I've only be taking care of you.
Dashie: I love you Daddy.
???: I love you to Dashie.
Twilight: *horn glows*
Dashie: Wait before I go. I want to grab something. *flies up to her room and writes a letter then places it on the coffee table* I'm ready.
Twilight: I'm so sorry I wish there was another way.
???: How can I blame any of you. I appreciate for what you done but not intentionally.
Princess Celestia: Thank you.
Applejack: Thanks ya'll
Fluttershy: Thanks.
Twilight: Thanks you.
Rarity: Thank you darling. For caring
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Danball Senki: Equestria adventures Season 3 Ep 2
Opening: Burst the gravity (Accel World)
* an army of LBX's form up on Vector position*
Rarity: Great more of those LBX's.
???: You need help.
Twilight: *turns around and sees Harm using the LBX body*
Harm: Hey.
Rarity: Gruxeon.
Harm: *chuckles* I told you to call me Harm.
Rarity: Sorry.
Harm: Its ok. Vector stop this please.
Vector: No. *takes out a D- Egg* D- Egg set-up! *sphere arbsorbs the Mane 6, Harm, Vector and the LBX's*
CPU: Arena selected: Metropolis
Mane 6: *activates their drive modes*
Applejack: *sees the LBX's which are a bit taller then them* How in tarnations did those things get taller?
Vector: It seems you dident notice it at our first encounter
 We are shrink into a LBX size when the D- Egg is activated.
Twilight: Girls we need to put him down so this rebellion can stop.
Pinkie Pie: Okie doki loki!
Harm: I will deal with Vector.
Vector: *lands his axe on the ground*
Gruxeon CPU: Setup: Hell Scythe. *wields it*
Vector: ....
Harm: Here
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Danball Senki: Equestria adventure Season 3 Ep 3
Opening: Burst the gravity (accel world)
*back at the human world*
???: i'll miss you dashie
blaze: *appears*
???: wait....who are you
blaze: i got a proposition 
???: i just lost my daughter...why would i take a "proposition"
blaze: that's the proposition...if your willing to leave everything behind here..than you can spend the rest of your life as dashie's a member of equestria
???: *look's at him surprised* really?...but...why?
blaze: because 1. i love that girl when she feel's sad i just want to slight my wrist's hell...i'm as strong as i am now because i broke my boundaries to protect her...i'm willing to die just to save her
???: there anymore reason's
blaze: yes...S**TS GONE TO HELL...RAMPAGING ROBOT'S...and my friends are fighting to the death...just to get you 2 back i need your help to stop this bloodshed...otherwise...war's gonna start...and i know what happens when war start' i'm begging you...come to
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Danball Senki: Equestria adventure Season 3 Ep 4
Opening: Burst the gravity (accel world)
- cue Gundam wing battlefield ( -
*mine explosion*
Dot Phasor: *firing the MG turret at the royal guards*
Buster: *fires his assult rifle* Keep at them!
Perseus, Hakai- O Dogma and Deqoo Oz: *mends the heavy cannons (Republic equipment) in the base and fires them at full power as they decimates the Royal Guard ranks*
Elysion: *continoulsy firing his MG at the Royal Guards* We're pushing them back!
Achilles D9: *deflects incoming spells by using his swords and slashes one of the guards* Hold this position men!
Overlord (Vector): This is Overlord. Predator is lock and loaded and in the air. Over.
Achilles D9: *uses commlink* Copy that Overlord. Achilles deed! Take control over the predator drone weapons systems!
Achilles deed: *nods and hides behind a boulder as he takes out a pad, and takes direct control of the predator weapons*
Orvane: Hit the big fish Achilles!
Achilles deed
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Danball Senki: Equestria adventure Season 3 Ep 5
Opening: Burst the gravity (accel world)
*as both sides look at each other as Blaze breaks the silence*
blaze inferno: look i have an idea
blaze inferno: dammit...SCREW YOU! *runs up and punches Celestia in the face*
royal guards: *GRAB'S HIM* 
Celestia: oww...why?
twilight: why did you do that that's a serious crime!
blaze inferno: oh i punched a tyrant...THAT'S A CRIME!
Celestia: I AM NOT A TYRANT!
Yasha and Sunset: *activates their drive modes and knocks the guards away feom Blaze*
Blaze Inferno: Thanks Yasha. You too Sunset.
Twilight: Yasha why?
Yasha: I find it unjust to just simply seperate a daughter from a father who spend his life with her.
Sunset Eclipse: Same here too.
Odin Mk II: Blaze you could have told me that Yasha and Sunset Eclispe were working with you.
Blaze Inferno: My bad.
Princess Celestia: *uses her magic as her body in covered in her royal armor with her cutie mark on her
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Danball Senki: Equestria adventure Season 3 Ep 6
Opening: Burst the gravity (accel world)
-cue Danball Senki: foot steps to collaspe (
Odin Mk II: Ifreet.
Twilight: What is that!?
Luna: Tia.
Celestia: I don not know Luna. But I sense great evil in this being.
Ifreet: *stares at Celestia with anger and hatred*
Celestia: How are you? Identify yourself.
Ifreet: *disappears and reappears infront of Celestia as her eyes went wides as dinner plates and her pupils shrink into peas*
Luna: Tia!
Ifreet: *punches Celestia in the face, sending her in the air. Reappears behind her and smashes her to the ground*
Applejack: What in the name of Celestia is that thing!?
Odin Mk II: That is Ifreet. An LBX but filled with hatred, anger, sorrow and all kinds of negative emotions and shows no mercy. I destroyed him once.
Rarity: Can't you do it again.
Ifreet: *lands infront of Celestia and grabs her by the neck*
Twilight: *fires a lightning s
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Danball Senki: Equestria adventure Season 3 Ep 7
Opening: Burst the gravity (accel world)
Dashie: *falls on both knees* Man that was a tough fight. But dad should be back to normal. *looks back at Ifreet and sees her father under the broken armor frame* Dad!
Anderson: *groans*
Dashie: *runs to her father* Dad!
Anderson: Dashie?
Dashie: Dad! *hugs her father*
Anderson: Can't breath.
Dashie: Whoops. Sorry dad just getting used to my new found strength.
Anderson: I thought you died?
Dashie: Odin Mk II save my life. Huh Odin!
Odin Mk II: Don't worry I've  been through worst.
Dashie: Still you need help
Vector: *pulls out a shralnel.out of Odin Mk II right eye* Well this is going to take awhile to fix you.
Odin Mk II: Yeah at least is nit getting eaten by a massive worm back a Genosis.
Vector: your right about that.
Dashie: Wait is it possible to turn myself back to normal?
Odin: Tell the armor to let you return to your equine form.
Dashie: Right.
Twilight: Rainbow who are you talking too?
Dashie: Um.....t
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Not much has happened with this group. I don't know if it should continue to be running since there hasn't been any new art added here in a while. If you think this group should stay open, do let me know why.

This is Eli-J-Brony signing off.
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