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June 26, 2009
Michael Jackson 2 by ~mlcamaro. R.I.P, a true legend, depicted in a gorgeous form. You will be missed <3
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Michael Jackson 2

A beautiful moment of Michael Jackson.

On the stage, he seems ferocious. He can stir up the crowd with a crooked finger. The whole city would go crazy as he turns around.
Under the stage, in the NEVERLAND, He giggled and let children pushed him around with tolerance. They pushed him into the swimming pool; throwing cake and eggs to him, but he never gets angry. He just smiled, showing his pureness, kindness and true love to the world which he thought was beautiful. He never regrets, though he has been hurt sometimes.

We love him, even if this world gave him up.

Please don't say anything about his bleached skin, child molestation, his opiophagy or his alcohol abuse. All of these are falsehood! Don't blacken him please. If you want evidence, please search the information yourself. :)
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There's a "deflowered" joke in here somewhere... ;)

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Even suffering a skin disease and being hounded, bullied and sued by perverted parents who didn't understand Michael's innate purity and platonic love for children, he was a class act all the way.

I dearly miss him, because I feel that I understand exactly why he created Neverland Ranch and invited so many children; especially poor and sick children into the wonderland he made for himself. While I didn't have my childhood stolen away from me by a draconian father, I did, nonetheless, lose my childhood. I can absolutely guarantee that if I had the money, I would have done exactly what Michael did.

With the tragic loss of Michael, the world desperately needs another talented EverKid.
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I also love your description about MJ. Thank you for the lovely words💖💖💖
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I love this! So beautiful. Is this digital?
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This is beautiful! I love MJ  so much!
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The King of Pop! <3 This is amazing! 
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Well done 👏👏👏👏!!!!!
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I absolutely love your description. And this has to be my most favorite fan portrait of him out of many. Soft, luminous, gentle, innocent. Just like he was at heart. Thank you for making this. My deepest adoration! <3 My heart aches the more I remember him, the more I read about him.
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I love this painting, and I love MJ. I'm starting a blog about his work to change the world and would love to feature this, if you would be willing to let me use it in exchange for credit and a link back to this site, or any other. The blog will be up soon, at, and will be called "We Can Change the World: Inspired by Michael Jackson."  Thank you for letting me know!
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Wow! Amazing work!!!
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Absolutely beautiful! :D
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Wonderful drawing. I love him so much....
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It's fab. Really. Love Love Love La la la la 
I can't even express words for this, I just...feel...
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I like how MJ looks in that form there!
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long live the King!


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