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PLEASE give constructive criticism if possible.

Three nights of insomnia caused this to happen. I am playing with lighting again and loving the results.
I absolutely did not like the manip in the begining. I messed up the colors so bad that I desaturated
about halfway through and recolored her by hand. I did not like that she had blue lips and green skin lol.
After I got her looking human again, I started to see the piece coming together.

My game seems to be getting stronger in gimp... I think I'm getting the hang of it. It forces me to be more
creative, in a way, because I still have some functions to figure out.

T h e
M o d e l
B y

When I find a great stocker that shells out pictures like this, I tend to become loyal to said stocker
to the point of using him or her as inspiration for fictional characters. Fuchsfee is my newest on the list,
and I've named this character Indigo, ut have yet to work out the specifications.

O t h e r
C r e d i t s
& C o m m e n t a r y

Base Background: by :iconarwenarts:
Rocks: by :iconriviera2008:
Unicorn: by :iconwolverine041269:

Bokeh - I'm obsessed with it, if you haven't noticed. I used two, though one of them, by
:iconeliseenchanted: was used for multiple purposes -- Fairy dust, and to put some prism effect into her crown. by :iconsirius-sdz: was used for sparkle on the water

The crystals and the fairies were from my own stock ( )

1) by :iconlukeroberts:
2) by :iconblackbelt777:
1) by :iconkuschelirmel-stock:
2) by :icondeathoflight:
Ruins: by :iconsaret:
Waterfall: by :iconmidnightstouch:
Water splashes/ripples:
1) by :iconzummerfish:
2) by :iconredheadstock:

--- Pheeeeew! Ok, if I missed anyone, please let me know in a note and I'll fix it.
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so soft and lovely :heart: