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.hold fast

Another LON card i did back in 2010 at IFS just before i left to serve my national service.

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As well painted as this is (the knights in the back, purrrfect, especially the salets are a nice feature :))… poor girl. If her heart area isn't hit her femoral arteries will be severed in no time.
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so the chest area for the men is covered but for her ...
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I saw this while browsing through a group then I found that your logo seems familiar.
then realise is you! LOL!
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Epic, too drunk to actually write a 5 page long post but it's epic. The light on the standats and some of the helmets could use some care though.
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Great values and detail :) Fantastic job with the depth and focus as well. I like how the woman is leading the army :D
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wow that chest plate and those greaves are so impractical but so very hot
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wow this is great. I thought it was an MTG card art right away when I saw it. I've never heard of LON cards before, but ill check them out.
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I like this picture, but there's something wrong with her anatomy, located at pelvis.
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This is a win...
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