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With the world around us being vast and beautiful and our artists scattered amongst it; "Aisthetikos" was quite a natural choice after being indulged in our third Experiments exhibition. Therefore Cosmosys
is delighted to release its Sixteenth Exhibition: Aisthetikos.

With a set of varying disciplines which makes Cosmosys great, the various interpretation of our collective's artists on the world is nothing short of astounding and desperately in need to be shown to the world
through the eyes, brushes and lenses of both veteran artists and newcomers. Events like sunrise, dusk, nightfall. Soaring to high skies and diving in deep oceans. Asking ourselves questions on the way we see
the world around and each other. Figuring out the meaning behind beauty, even when the context can be devastating and finally the way in which beauty that is so easily forgotten these days. We answer these
questions in the way that Cosmosys does best; by making high quality artwork.

For this Exhibition we decided to underline the talent of Kuldar Leement; with two absolutely stunning commissions to this exhibition and an amazing track record at Cosmosys, it was as natural to feature him in
this exhibition as it was to decide the theme for it. We ask you kindly to sit tight; hold to your hoists and indulge yourself in the beauty of things with Exhibition 16: Aisthetikos.

View this exhibition…

Read the interview with our Featured Artist - :iconkuldarleement:…

Created for the 16th Cosmosys Exhibit: Aisthetikos!
Thanks to :iconcosmosys-art: for their continued help & support.

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Made in Photoshop w/ a Wacom Intuos tablet.
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Really favorite from the pack..! :)