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The campaign was successful! NOW, to try and pull everything together...

Books: Proof checked and being printed.
Art Prints: With the printer, being printered.
Shirts: Screen printing in production at the screen printers.

Everything is on track for the launch next weekend!

Those that are coming to the launch party will be picking up their copies of the books. These will be the first people to get their hands on the finished first pressing (other than myself & Caitlin). I can't wait. This time next week? I'll be getting myself ready to head in and set up everything. So damn excited. Then we have not one, but TWO Supanova conventions on the weekends following. First Melbourne then Gold Coast.

Three weekends of back-to-back comic-related goodness.

MAN.  Haven't been this excited in a long while.
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We're currently running a drawing competition to coincide with the Pozible campaign ( The winner will get, among other things, their piece printed in book itself. All you have to do is draw a picture based on something from or Space Pyrates related. Even space pirate related.

Here's an example of what I mean:
Space Pirate by mkhoddy

Check out the comic at the website:

You have the WHOLE month of February to do something. GO! GO! GO!

Remember to pledge and help the book get printed here: Cheers!!!
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For those of you that follow me on here (and actually read the journals I put up!) I've got a thing I'd like your help with.

We're trying to raise some funds so we can print our very first collected graphic novel. Check out the campaign below:

Space Pyrates on Pozible

Needless to say, your help will be GREATLY appreciated. You have no idea how much. It's not something we could really do on our own. And it's not like you are getting nothing for helping. You'll basically be pre-ordering the book and purchasing art prints, shirts, commissions, all that kind of stuff. Check out all the rewards and see what suits you best if you want to help out at all.

As for the book itself, it's going to be a 250 page behemoth. Because it'll have all 6 issues of Space Pyrates comics in there. Along with an epilogue comic. The printed edition is going to have an exclusive printed comic in it, whereas the digital download version won't. There's also going to be all the guest art and comics we had done during the time we were making it. From people such as:

:iconthechamba: :iconhughfreeman: :icondouglasbot: :iconfinfrock: :icondrazebot: :iconjazzyjin: :iconcoroidan: :iconlukehumphris:

So get onto it and help us out!

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I'm going to give this a shot for an hour or two and see if it helps me work any faster. Drop by to say hi or to see my process. Feel free to ask questions if you have any!

There will probably be spoilers for upcoming pages of Space Pyrates You have been warned.

Watch me here:
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Brisbane Supanova went extremely well. Thank you to everyone who came and saw us. Extra special thanks to those who bought something or had us do some commissions. I'm still reeling from the whole experience. It was by far the best convention we've ever done. Even though the location wasn't the greatest (still wondering why the organisers don't just swap to the exhibition centre). AND we got pooped on by pigeons! Not once, or twice, but THREE times! Well, not us, but our table! Apparently it's supposed to bring good luck or something.

Brisbane people who frequent the Ekka (or Royal Show, whatevs) know that the cows and chickens are kept in sheds for displaying during judging etc.. The artists' alley was IN one of those sheds! The air con was non-existent and the previously mentioned birds would fly straight in. Oh, and on the third day? The wind was just crazy! Couple of tables would lose all their things frequently. Or at least with every gust of wind.

But, badness aside, I did get to meet Billy West & John Dimaggio! Nearly didn't get to see them as the line minders had stopped letting people in line. Weird thing was I'd actually gone to talk to the people looking after that signing area to make sure I could get in. But when I went back to jump in queue, they wouldn't let me. This was the one thing I'd been hanging out for aaaaalllll weekend. Even drawn a picture to get both of them to sign. To tell you my little heart nearly broke is the only way to describe to you how disappointed I was.

So, what I did, is charged up to see the big wigs. The people in charge of the entire convention and pleaded my case. I dropped the stuff I was going to get signed back at the table with Caitlin and freaked out a couple of customers (I was pretty irate) then stormed into the signing area. Once I found someone in charge I introduced myself at 'Matt' of 'Space Pyrates' and pleaded my case. The lovely lady listened to me patiently, not saying anything or letting any facial expression betray what was happening inside her mind. She said only one thing before walking away.

That was: "follow me".

There was some small talk on the way. But I had to call Caitlin and tell her to grab James & the stuff and head over right now. We went to the front of the line, the organiser asked who the line minders were, told them she want us at the front, and left. My heart was racing.

Here's the pic I got signed:…

Felt like a giant jerk pushing in front of little kids. Kids that had been waiting hours to see these guys. But we explained our situation with how hard it was to get up from the table and everything. Everyone was understanding and wonderful about it. But I did still feel pretty guilty afterwards. Didn't let it get to me too much though. I'd just met the two guys who voice some of my favourite characters! Two legends of the animation voice over industry! That emotion was even more overpowering than anything else.

We put up some photos from the rest of the experience here:…

So check them out and leave some comments too! While you're there maybe like our Facebook page and help us build up a bigger audience!

There was some dinners and drinks with other artist alley stall holders. Got to meet some of the big artists too. Really felt like we stepped up our game a whole notch. In regards to our art and comics but as well as our convention going experience. We learn so much every time we attend a convention. Gain so much experience too. Its exhausting physically and, sometimes, emotionally.

Cannot wait for the next one.

Still offering commissions!


$40 for something like this:
Saul Tigh by mkhoddy Shooter from Pandeia by mkhoddy James by mkhoddy
(Digital. High quality file supplied for printing via email)

Or $30 plus shipping for something like this:
Thanos Commission by mkhoddy Sorceress Commission by mkhoddy Binary Commission by mkhoddy
(A5 Traditional, sent straight to your door!)

OR, I can do something like these for you for a little bit more. Send me a message and we can discuss it!
Wolverine by mkhoddy Raphael by mkhoddy Last Airbender by mkhoddy

Can pay via Paypal! Send me a message and we'll work it out!
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Still offering commissions!

$25 for something like this:
Saul Tigh by mkhoddy Teal'C by mkhoddy Graydon: Halfling Thief by mkhoddy
(Digital. High quality file supplied for printing via email)

Or $25 plus shipping for something like this:
Thanos Commission by mkhoddy Sorceress Commission by mkhoddy Binary Commission by mkhoddy
(A5 Traditional, sent straight to your door!)

OR, I can do something like these for you for a little bit more. Send me a message and we can discuss it!
Wolverine by mkhoddy Raphael by mkhoddy Last Airbender by mkhoddy

Can pay via Paypal! Send me a message and we can figure something out.

Next appearance will be at Brisbane Supanova, November 9th - 11th: So come say hello and get your commission then :)
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I did this up so you can find us easier!

So, I'll be there with :iconabercrombi: for Space Pyrates but we'll also be sharing a table with our good friend :iconjazzyjin: for his comic High School Romance.

Offering some cheaper commissions (pre-show) in the lead up to the con. Message me for details! Prices will be back to normal once the convention starts. So get in now if you're keen!
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Been a while since the last update of the journal. Kinda post most info in other places these days, But still roam around DA looking at all the artwork.

For those who don't know, I've been making a comic over the last year or two. It's a random thing about random stuff. Mainly a space adventure comedy parody. We've just finished issue five and starting on issue 6. Been making it in our spare time as we both work full time. Pretty proud we've made it this far as it's been a ride. If you're interested in reading it at all you can find it on our website at We also have printed version you can buy through our online store at

We've also been hitting the convention circuit here in Australia pretty hard. Starting with the local Brisbane Supanova last year up to the Melbourne OzComic-Con in July this year. Coming up next we'll be at:

Armageddon Melbourne
October 13th & 14th
Melbourne Exhibition Centre


Supanova Brisbane
November 9th - 11th
RNA Showgrounds

Can find us in the artists alley at both events. Will post a map once we have the final layout for each of the cons. But we do have tables booked for both. So come see us and say hello! Always love hearing from people that enjoy our artwork. Very reaffirming.

I'm also offering commissions for $25. Will draw practically anything you want, within reason (no pee-pees, they make me uncomfortable). Send me a message or something and we can work out the details. I have a PayPal account so you know it will be safe & secure! Bank deposit is also ok.

Take care!

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This is where we are going to be this weekend! Come say hello if you get the chance!

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There's been a bit of a frantic rush to get ready for the weekend and our holiday in Melbourne. But I took the time to put this together. It's a handy map for this Supanova this weekend! Come see us and say hi!
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Hey guys & girls! Long time no see!

Nearly a whole year in fact!

Bit late notice, but we set up a stall at Brisbane Supanova to show off our little webcomic, Space Pyrates!! So if you're in Brisbane or close by, head on in tomorrow (Sunday) to say hi. We've had a blast so far. Friday and Saturday were crazy busy. Hopefully Sunday is as well.

Hope to see you there!

Follow us on Facebook for the latest info.
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For those that care.

We gots a webcomic going on over here:

Will be updating daily until the 4th of Feb. Then Breaking it down to 2 or 3 updates a week. Depending on how we feel.

So go check it out!


Tonight Tonight!

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 10, 2009, 3:21 AM
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Everyone in Brisbane make you way to the Zoo right now! You'll be able to see some awesome artwork and hear some awesome music at the same time! Check this out:

Be there or be a square shaped object!


Disillusionment. New Day.

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 5:13 PM
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Update: Yeah bitches! Add me on Facebook if you ain't already:


Ever woken up and felt like everything is gonna change? I had that feeling! It was totally rad! Nothing drastic has happened so far but I can still kinda sense it. Exciting!

Actually have been doing some paid freelance design stuff. Supplemented by pathetic casual job on the side. Everyone seems quite pleased with their outcomes. Well, regarding the freelance stuff anyway. Speaking of which, everyone in Brisbane reading this has to come along to a gig. A concert if you will. By a band. That plays music. Good music at that. Utilising instruments, and also, vocalisations. It's at the Zoo in the Valley on July 10th from 830pm. Where you will see some of what I've been getting upto!

Other than that I've been filling my time with painting & drawing concept artworks. And a little writing. Also, it turns out I'm kinda good at that Warhammer game. Meaning I've done pretty well in two tournaments entered. One of which I won a trophy and everything. Who'd a thought I'd be good at doing something nerdy? It probably wouldn't look so bad if I wasn't kind of proud of it. But, yeah, there you have it. Me + Nerd = Pretty Alright.

Life Drawing classes btw. Check out the pretty websites I made for it: !
Wednesday nights, 7pm to 9pm at Metro Arts. Come along and draw naked things! Also, if you're on Facebook, hit up the Drawn From Life page:…

Kind of vegetarian now. Not that I don't like meat. Meats good. It's more for the health benefits associated with eating nutritional food. Don't get me wrong though. I definitely still support the mass slaughter of animals for human consumption. Especially little baby ones.

Man. I really should be sleeping rather than updating useless journals late at night. I got that work thing tomorrow. Coherency levels are seeming to falter a little. As are my grasps on the English language.




Journal Entry: Thu Mar 12, 2009, 3:32 AM
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So I um, I kinda quit my job recently. Well, I say quit but I kind of was fired. The details of which are murky. But with the options of showing up and working for free when I could have been at a barbecue with beer in hand instead. Choice was easy. You know, it was a Sunday, and I was actually (grudgingly) on my way into work. And had asked as I was leaving, through SMS, at what rate we would be paid at should we show up for this... well, overtime. Half way there I get a reply message saying something along the lines of "Nothing, but you keep your job. Show up today or don't show up tomorrow".

Radioheads "Fitter Happier" was playing. This seemed fundamental to the story for some anonymous reason.

I went directly to see my girlie at work and put forward my proposition. She endorsed, even sanctioned, my actions. And feeling even more justified, went the fuck home.

So I called the bluff and kind of lost out on the earning money front. But won on the keeping my pride part. Which makes me all the much more special. In the good kinda way.

On the up side of thingy-ma-bobs I've been helping to run a life drawing class here in glamorous Brisvegas. So all of you people living locally, come on down. Draw some nekkid people. It's at Metro Arts from 7pm to 9pm every Wednesday. It'll be fun! (Probably).

And, also, been trying to do the whole freelance gig. And have a couple of gigs that look pretty promising. So on the whole, things look pretty sa-weet. But if my new formed plans of taking over the world are to succeed... I will be needing more of a money flow than currently is circulating. Like, a lot more. So, you know, if you want some designin' a-doin'. Let me know! Even character designs or photography, musics or writing. Anything creative at all really.


Now I'm off to watch Fear & Loathing for the first time. PEACE!

On Getting The Fuck Out

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 15, 2009, 5:13 AM
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Cheap airfares = Dreams come true.

Pretty soon, all that will be left of us is two fiery tread marks and a spinny-spinny license plate. All we need is a puffy orange vest and crazy white haired benefactor.

What we do got is two guitars and a ukulele. A storyboard and a camera. Sketchpad and ideas. Nothing but aspirations. And all the time in the world.

Time to make it happen at least.

Time to get the fuck out.


Working my ass off at the moment. Just saving up them dollars. Back into drawing in a hard way in between working and resting my overheated brain. The whole 8-5 thing is really quite overrated. Did the geekiest thing I think I've ever done and entered a Warhammer 40k tournament. That is, entered it without a clue how to play the damn game.

Other than that, there's not much else to report.

Hope your valentines day was as adventurous as mine!


Journal Entry: Thu Jan 1, 2009, 4:17 PM
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Reflecting on last years resolutions...

Create a Comic(s)
Complete a 5 - 10min Animation
Get myself to Franceland

So one was fully checked off at least. The other two, uh... well... Let's say kind of.

Animation teaser is a more accurate description. And it was more my girlies film more than anything. But I did have a hand in it! Promise. Even if it was only ever so slightly. voodoo-butter and gorillaslippers were the lead voice actors. And they each did a wonderful job. Armed with this animation, and this animation only, they could probably take over the film & tv industry.


The comic idea you ask? It's coming along. Slowly. Got some designs and some stories and done whole bunch of research. And having done the research now have to go back and rewrite some scripts so they are more historically accurate and blah-dy-friggen-blah. It's procrastination at it's finest let me tell you. But hopefully worthwhile procrastination. Which will make it all the more awesome.

And France, yes, beautiful beautiful, snobby France. Didn't get into the art course we were aiming for because it "[...]wasn't for beginners[...]". So, instead, we visited some places that were as beautiful as they were welcoming. Got to meet up with some old friends (and family) while making some new ones. Don't recommend Dublin (especially the airport) but can say that Scotland is by far one of the best places on earth (especially the highlands!). And London itself was simply amazing. Have wanted to go over for a while now and it was worth it one hundred percent.

So, NEW new years resolutions. This I do not know just yet. Have just started a new job which takes up a whole lot of my time but comes with some pretty good perks. It is a creative position working with some creative people in a creative industry. And should keep me entertained for at least the remainder of the year.

Happy holidays to everyone who reads this (and those that don't). Make the coming year be a fun filled, mind expanding one!

On Voting and Threadless Submission

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 4, 2008, 7:19 PM
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My design got through! Woo!

If you can spare a moment from your busy busy lives to pop on over and vote I would appreciate it very very much!

And on the presidential elections, who do we think is going to win? Eh? I'm hoping for that one guy. The upstanding one. You knooow, the one running for president! Jeez.

But really, kinda dreading the thought of McCain being the next president. Having a black dude running the shop seems pretty cool. Even though he's not got much experience. Not being an American I feel like I shouldn't care. But deep down I know that the decisions made there affect the whole world. Considering what Bush got us into with the Iraq war. That was fun.

Anyways, enough politics! Wether it's for your next president or for me, don't forget, go and vote!!

And thanks in advance if you do!

My Submission

October Update

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 23, 2008, 12:30 AM
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Red Bubble people! Add me! DO IT DO IT DO IT!!…

Also, go visit this design on Threadless… . AND give feedback if you're so inclined. Come ooo-on! I'm trying to get out of finding a job here people!

Been painting my little heart out trying to get better at it. Thus far I've failed at producing anything anti-leer worthy. Even stopping the shudders would be a step up from whats been created so far. But I figure my brain is having one of those blockages. Stopping anything creative from dripping out onto the paper. Cranial Constipation one may call it. To counter this I've embarked on a quest. It is not a very noble one, or a large one, or even a quest at all, really. More quest-ish that anything. Anyway, this semi-quest involves the alphabet, each week is a letter is chosen and working through week-by-week from A to Z. After this I take an animal that starts with that weeks letter and finally, with this stimuli, I attempt to create some kind of art. Well, semi-art. Art-ish.

The first of which I have submitted already for your anti-leering pleasure…

This will continue until 1 of 3 conditions is met. One: The blockage unblocks. Two: I'm finally noticed and my acting career takes off. Three: You pay me to stop.

That will be all.


Journal Entry: Sat Sep 27, 2008, 4:57 PM
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Glad that is over. Have worked on it for a looong time now. On and off, not like, you know, continuously. Website design is just as fiddly as I remember. Went through a few designs before finally settling on this one. Which, you know (I think) is pretty cool:

mkhoddy [dot] spacepyrates [dot] com

Other designs, not so good. Just wanted something simple. Creative. Not too graphic intensive but still able to show of the creativeness(?). And with the work for Channel Ten kinda finishing up I'm gonna need it to spread the word. Currently in the process of trying to find my own fortune, etc etc.. But Brisvegas is not the thriving art community it really wants to be.

Looking to move out again (job pending) in a month or two. With my girlie and a couple of friends. Meeting up for Sushi tonight to discuss it all. Also, seriously contemplating moving overseas. Somewhere nice. Somewhere it snows during winter.

Maybe Japan.

Also, if you want to, I dunno, pay me to do art stuff? That would be pretty rad. Just wanted to throw that out there. In case you felt like, stuff... And things.

And hey, if you do check out my portfolio. And if you find any bugs or errors or anything (I did look). Can you let me know? Prease?

K. Thx. Bye.