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Z-Tech Harpy Stealth Fighter by MKBrony Z-Tech Harpy Stealth Fighter :iconmkbrony:MKBrony 11 7 2018 snowstorm  by MKBrony 2018 snowstorm :iconmkbrony:MKBrony 8 6
PvZ GW OC: Dr. Thomas Gray
Name: Dr. Thomas Gray
Species: Zombie
Class: Scientist
Affiliation: Plant Republic (Formerly: Z-Tech)
Prior to his death before the war even started, Gray worked in studying the field of medicine, attempting to formulate various antidotes to plant-based poisons in the world. Before the war even broke out however, Gray suffered an unfortunate death; a worker in charge of keeping the plants healthy forgot to remove the container of pest-killer from the greenhouse. With enough time, the increased heat from within the greenhouse caused the pest-killer to ignite, setting alight and burning down the toxic plants inside with a deadly mix of gases pluming out.
Though the greenhouse was far enough away from the main lab for the flames to not spread, the lethal gases floated in the surrounding area, seeping in through the windows, ventilation, and door frames of the lab, gassing everyone, including Gray, to death.
Several years later, part-way through the plant-zombie war, Gray was resurrec
:iconmkbrony:MKBrony 12 0
PvZ GW Fanfic - Rare Finds Part 4 (Finale)
As Argon watched his friends leave, he heard a loud menacing exhaust growl from behind as the Gravel Raider shot past the garage, chasing the tank down.
In the Maple Dame, Prism Point was keeping an eye on the towed classic as the armoured rally car gave chase. "Callista!!" She yelled to the Chompflower. "A Z is on our six!"
Callista quickly turned the barrel of the Yew-88's cannon around and fired the single shot they had. Jean saw the heavy round coming and swerved out the way.
"Missed!" Callista yelled out in frustration. "we should've brought our whole team and more rounds." She then muttered.
"Forget about the tank shells!" Prism told Callista as she started firing her frosted spikes.
The spikes plinked off of the thick armor plating of the Gravel Raider ineffectively, but eventually one found its mark and burst the front-right tyre, causing the rally car to spin out.
Jean grunted in surprise as he felt the grip Yankee from underneath his steering wheel, so he slammed the brakes a
:iconmkbrony:MKBrony 6 1
PvZ GW Fanfic - Rare Finds part 3
Argon bent down to lift the slide-up door of the garage. Despite encountering some slight resistance due to the wear on the door, he was able to successfully open it, revealing the two lost treasures.
Inside the garage were two very different machines. Despite the rust and moss developing on the two cars, their shapes were still very clearly defined and widely varied; the one on the left had smooth, curved lines and was slightly longer, thinner, overall more elegant in its shape, and though the wear had been particularly noticeable inside, it was still fairly clear by the leather trim that it was more of a luxurious cruiser.
On the other hand, the car on the right had very sharp, angled wedge styling to it, and a wider, more aggressive purpose-built stance. This was further exemplified by the interior, which was basic and spartan, for more competition-based usage than the car that laid beside it.
Around the back however, they both shared one thing in common; a 2.4-litre V6 unit that on
:iconmkbrony:MKBrony 8 1
PvZ GW fanfic - Rare finds Part 2
Argon stood on the back of the Maple Dame as she trundled through Grattle. Unfortunately the search was taking a long time and there was no sign of an abandoned garage.
"Ugh, using this tank is taking too long..." Argon groaned. "Sooner or later someone is going to get curious on what we're doing out here."
"Hey, don't worry." Ferros tried to calm him. "Grattle borders right on the Z's territory, so citizens might expect patrols going through here on a more rigorous basis, right?"
"Yes, but not in a TANK, even in a light artillery tank like this." Argon countered his point. "And besides, won't they figure out that we aren't following the patrol routes?"
"Argon's right." Prism Point agreed with him. "I suggest we pull over so we can use my drone."
"Good idea." Callista nodded, and both her and Ferros pulled the tank over.
"Alright, Prism. Do your thing." Ferros opened a hatch for her to get out.
Prism Point opened up the tank and then sent her garlic drone into the sky.
The Drone mainta
:iconmkbrony:MKBrony 5 1
PvZ GW fanfic - Rare finds Part 1
In order to help Nyan should the worst befall the GW chariot, Argon had been searching and investigating rumors about abandoned cars to be found and restored to road worthy condition; today he is following up on one of those leads.
Argon went to see two of his friends, Ferros and Callista. The two were going through maintenance procedures of their beloved POT Yew-88, the Maple Dame.
"Ferros! Callista!" Argon smiled as he walked up to the conjoined plants.
"Argon, great to see you." The armor chomper faced him, putting down his tools.
"How are you doing?" The smaller Chompflower asked him.
"Doing good, thanks." He smiled. "Hey, think you could help me with a certain favour?" The plasma pea asked.
"Sure thing!" Ferros nodded. "what could we do ya for?"
"well, I'm going to collect a rare car find to assist in the midway races, and I feel that I need something with a good hefty amount of torque to haul the car to Riley's place. Think you can tow the find with your tank?"
"It's worth a shot
:iconmkbrony:MKBrony 6 1
Mature content
Hayashi - PvZ GW OC :iconmkbrony:MKBrony 3 6
PvZ GW - In-Game reference for Adrian Pacific by MKBrony PvZ GW - In-Game reference for Adrian Pacific :iconmkbrony:MKBrony 7 6 Jean Nicolas' Car - Gravel Raider by MKBrony Jean Nicolas' Car - Gravel Raider :iconmkbrony:MKBrony 7 6
PvZ Mirror World Lore - HZ Union Flora
Though the non-sentient plants in the normal Zomburbia were entirely synthetic due to zombies functioning in polluted environments as well as healthy ones given a sufficient food supply, things aren't so simple in mirror Zomburbia.
Due to the formation of the HZ Union, Mirror Zomboss had to develop organic plants capable of clearing pollutants even more effectively.
Eventually Mirror Zomboss developed organic plants that could photosynthesize not only with Carbon dioxide, but also Sulphur dioxide - a component that forms Acid Rain - simultaneously.
This has caused leaves and grass blades to marble in green and purple; the green Chlorophyll filtered CO2 as normal while the purple, zomboss-named "Zombiphyll" deals with the SO2.
Due to the added ability to photosynthesize with SO2, the trees are organic also and grow much faster due to the CO2 and SO2 rich environment.
Because of the accelerated evolution brought on by Zomboss' selective plant breeding and the ban on sentient Plant seeds
:iconmkbrony:MKBrony 10 2
No Mirales AU - The Fateful Battle
This was it. The skirmish that will determine the fate of this war.
The Formorian trundled towards New Subherba with an escort of countless infantry, z-tanks and z-planes leading the charge.
Nyan's forces lined the defensive border between the enemy, and the most important city of the plant republic - the source of miracle seed production. Accompanying them was the special orange ship piloted by Mercy - leader of Mirror's Hedge.
"Sorry I couldn't get all the rods ready in time, Nyan." She apologized; her world was commissioned to produce ten nuclear rods to be fired at the Formorian and overcharge it, causing an implosion to cascade through their systems.
"Don't feel bad, Mercy! I'm sure even with nine we have a fighting chance!" He assured her, not wanting the shortcomings to demoralize their forces. "Besides! Where there's a will, there's a way! Let's do this!"
Meanwhile, Zomboss was overseeing the war from his base in Zomburbia. "All Z-fighter planes draw the enemy POPs away from th
:iconmkbrony:MKBrony 8 35
Pineclone: PVZ GW2 Concept (Torchwood Variant)
GW Unit - Pineclone
Class - Torchwood
Variant - Electric
HP - 225
Default Speed - Identical to Pylon Mech
Identical in height to the GW Torchwood units, the Pineclone is much thinner in comparison, though it shares the same number of legs. Instead of a gatling gun on its right arm, it has a blaster identical in shape to a regular Pineclone's head, albeit without a face. The left arm has a regular hand like the GW Torchwood. The face is near the top of the main stump which forms the Tree-per's central mass, and is identical to the face of the standard pineclone. At the top of the head is a blue antenna that gives off slight electrical sparks every so often. Its body overall has a bark texture of pine wood, unlike the oak bark of the Torchwood.
Main Attack: Needle blaster
Fires off pine needles at an incredibly high rate of fire, comparable to the Hockey Star's glove launcher. However, the damage per shot isn't as high to compensate and is based on a clip system that holds 40
:iconmkbrony:MKBrony 10 8
PvZ Mirror World AU - Mirror Heroes Part 2
Mirror Wall-Knight
Name: Wall-Templar
Gender: Male
Current Status: Allied with Mirror's Hedge; Provides shelter for former HZ Refugees
Wall-Templar is probably the most similar Mirror Hero to his homeworld counterpart. He was still very protective about the plant public he served as well as his close friends, the heroes. However, he felt that the war was going too slowly and spiralling out of hand unless action was taken, and while he approved of Purge's overthrowing of Dave in hopes of moving the war effort forward, though he protested at the exodus of humans and killings of plants infected with rot. To prevent further conflicts of interest, Purge appointed him to attack HZ Union territory, though after the union's collapse, Wall-Templar quietly provided shelter, angering Purge. However, Wall-Templar was too skilled in defence to be eliminated by whatever Purge threw at him.
When Mercy replaced Purge, Wall-Templar informed her of his efforts to protect the humans and zombies disp
:iconmkbrony:MKBrony 8 0
Orin - PvZ GW OC
Name: Orin
Species: ZomBotany 2A Citron
Gender: Male
Age Before human death: 17
Due to Plantification from ZomBotany Experiments, his pecs gained a pattern to them similar to the ends of two orange slices pointed inward towards each other, and shared the texture of orange flesh. His shoulders and knees are covered in Orange peel. Both of his arms from the elbow down has been replaced with a Citron's Orange Beam Cannon; however, the muzzle has changed to a similar shape to another citrus Fruit - Fingered Citrons (aka "Buddha's hands"). These function as a replacement for his human zombie hands, though he must open his palms to fire beams from either of them. In the middle of his chest, close to his heart, is the same spinning set of lights from the side of a beam cannon. His head is still zombie-like, though his hair has grown as orange leaves.
Cold and ruthless on missions, Orin refuses to speak to anyone below himself or his superiors, even during down-ti
:iconmkbrony:MKBrony 5 40
PvZ AU - No Miracles
In this AU, just like in the main world the fate of the war hinged on the Battle of New Subherba. This time though, Zomboss pushed the attack harder and faster than either Nyan or Mercy anticipated. As such, Mercy was only able to build NINE of the ten Nuke Rods needed.
Though each of the rods made their mark, it wasn't enough to stop the attack completely. A powerful shot blasted through the Formorian's main cannon as implosions ripped through the superweapon, the immense energy tearing right through Mercy's ship, vaporising her before she reached the escape pods. And while the Formorian itself started to collapse, a harrowing explosion tore through the ground as New Subherba was engulfed in a purple and black vortex that had earlier consumed Nova Bay and Karabudjan. Nyan successfully escaped, and while the battle seemed like a stalemate, the Plant Republic lost its most critical asset - the Miracle Seed Facility.
These destructive events resulted in a cataclysmic loss, and the once c
:iconmkbrony:MKBrony 11 20


Sexual healing by Specialpensel Sexual healing :iconspecialpensel:Specialpensel 17 4 Party Cherthal and Pep by TyrantrumFlare Party Cherthal and Pep :icontyrantrumflare:TyrantrumFlare 20 81 Shinrui (**READ THE DESCRIPTION**) by TyrantrumFlare Shinrui (**READ THE DESCRIPTION**) :icontyrantrumflare:TyrantrumFlare 27 18 Scarlet (Reference Sheet) by TyrantrumFlare Scarlet (Reference Sheet) :icontyrantrumflare:TyrantrumFlare 20 1 The one army by Specialpensel The one army :iconspecialpensel:Specialpensel 27 4 Adoptable GW2 Plants by TyrantrumFlare Adoptable GW2 Plants :icontyrantrumflare:TyrantrumFlare 20 14 Chompallante  by QueenZombia Chompallante :iconqueenzombia:QueenZombia 16 92
Herbal Democracy
About the faction :
-Bases own : 5 bases (more info on Others)
    The faction is a Force in Nature and Military base and Offensive and Supportive faction. Its fairly new and its growing with new Plant and Zombie members,most of the members escape Z-Tech and some left the Plant Republic's strict and harsh rules. Their purpose of being here is not because Scar told her she's ready to be a Faction leader,but she want to come up with ideas,rules,and weapons some factions come up with,including finding new ways to run the factions. Plant and Zombies are welcome,any kind! As long they come here to help the faction grow and work together,they can reach victory. They don't have to run the faction in Nyan's way or her father's way,Claudia will her faction her way,and she make her own rules to make every member equal and happy. Claudia Revolter is the Main Leader of the faction. The people who help Claudia defeat the Z-Techs in the old base are Zea,Captain Camo,and Scar. And the
:iconqueenzombia:QueenZombia 12 22
Torvy (Valenbrainz Drawing) by QueenZombia Torvy (Valenbrainz Drawing) :iconqueenzombia:QueenZombia 15 8 Herbal Democracys Tank Leader-Grizzly Pear by QueenZombia Herbal Democracys Tank Leader-Grizzly Pear :iconqueenzombia:QueenZombia 10 0 Blue Diamond Citron and Yellow Corn Diamond  by QueenZombia Blue Diamond Citron and Yellow Corn Diamond :iconqueenzombia:QueenZombia 14 11 Hibernation wont stop Hiccup by QueenZombia Hibernation wont stop Hiccup :iconqueenzombia:QueenZombia 15 2 General SuperNova by StantheSpider General SuperNova :iconstanthespider:StantheSpider 15 85 StantheSpider's entry for DeviantArt Prom by StantheSpider StantheSpider's entry for DeviantArt Prom :iconstanthespider:StantheSpider 13 8 Dr.Chester and More (Kingdom of Tyrants) by StantheSpider Dr.Chester and More (Kingdom of Tyrants) :iconstanthespider:StantheSpider 14 4 (New) Scar Ref (PvZ) by StantheSpider (New) Scar Ref (PvZ) :iconstanthespider:StantheSpider 15 26


Billy Raymond
United Kingdom
I primarily role-play on this website and as such, all my main deviations will usually be character bios and Role-play scenarios.

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If you want to share your Nintendo Switch online subscription with your friends, you can via the Family Plan option; though you will need the email addresses of the friends you want to share online with to do this.

First, the person who will be paying for the online service must log into their Nintendo account on the official website and go into their settings. 

Step 1 by MKBrony

From there, they must go into "Family Group" and select "Add Member"

Steps 2 and 3 by MKBrony

Next, the person setting up the Family group must then select "Invite to Family Group" and type in the email of the person they want to add, then submit.

Step 4 by MKBrony
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Once the other person clicks the link, they must confirm their decision to join the family group and consent to the information that will be shared.

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Once this step has been completed, the second user will become part of the first user's family group. This process can be repeated up to 7 more times for a maximum of 8 members per family group; however no one account can be shared between multiple families at the same time. This is NOT restricted by console or region.

Since a family plan costs £31.49 (GBP) per year, regardless of how many users are in the group, with the maximum 8 people it works out to just under £4 per person per year if you decide to split the cost evenly.



Congratulations to all Game Award winners this year. I'm glad that FH4 won Best Sports/Racing but I'm honestly surprised that God of War actually got the top prize of GOTY; I thought that would've gone to Spiderman or Red-Dead 2.
Notice to any TellTale Games fans, or fans of series that TTG has made games for:

Digital versions of Poker Night at the Inventory and Poker Night 2 have been pulled from online storefronts due to TellTale nearing bankruptcy and having to cancel most of their licenses, and most of the other games in TellTale's library are likely to follow suit in the coming months.

Be sure to get what games you like from TellTale before they're removed as this could be your last chance.

Nintendo will be ending the free version of their Nintendo Switch Online service soon, replacing it with a premium service effective September 18th, 2018 with a one week free trial.

Prices start at $3.99 for a 1-month subscription and go all the way up to $19.99 for a 1-year subscription on a single account. However, for $34.99 you can go to a 1-year Family Subscription which can be shared between yourself and 7 other accounts, and to my knowledge this Family Subscription can be shared across multiple consoles.

Wii U and Nintendo 3DS Online Services will not be affected by this update.
WOW. Just watched nintendo's E3 presentation and GOD-DAMN! The fact that every previously-playable character is in Smash Ultimate and THEN they throw in two new fighters aside from the already-confirmed Inkling with Daisy and Ridley!? Nintendo, you've done it again!



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