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 Arabella x Eifert
Arabella x Astarios 
Arabella x Blue (using Zot instead) 
Arabella x Leonardo

Talzanna | Female | Clawmaiden by mkayswritings
Talzanna is looking for a royal to serve under since she is a clawmaiden, but she is deaf so communication might be difficult. Not looking for anything specific, just whatever I can get for her. So feel free to offer your kiddos if anyone is looking for a clawmaiden to join their ranks. 
Ravette |Doe|Commoner by mkayswritings
- any of the prompts, etc
- More training/lessons for herbs, etc 
- childhood moments 
- Looking for a few friends 

Percival|Stag|Commoner by mkayswritings
- Future doe who can put up his lone wolf attitude 
- Childhood moments 
- any of the prompts etc 
- Few stags to spar/train with 
- Looking for buddies 

Lady Freya | Doe| Royal by mkayswritings
Lady Freya: 
- future stag 
- any of the prompts 
- she needs some more friends 
- lessons for how a lady should be. 


Valeric|Maer|Iotas by mkayswritings
- future Bjorn 
- any of the prompts 
- looking for friends 
- childhood moments 
- Male linx that is a father figure to her since she is adopted and real father is unknown 
- training/lessons. 
- earth dragon - Ravette
- #979 30 point skill boost - Perci 
- 524 Laurel Dragon - Perci 
- 1009 - 10 point skill boost - Valeric 

#0805 - design - basic (traded of 0743) - Cendrillion 
#1559 Empty Box - Elrlys 
#1481 - uncommon design - festive fawnlings 2017 

Shedu Island: 
Got plenty of adopts waiting for their new homes, need them gone ASAP especially the older ship its! 

Mystery Foal Adopts #2 - 8 slots left by mkayswritings Mystery adopts #2 <- 5 points, 8 slots left. 

Mystery Foal Adopts - 3 slots left by mkayswritings Mystery Adopts #1 <- 5 points, 3 slots left. 

Tamed Horse Ship it #1 by mkayswritings Tamed Horse Ship it #1 <- Taking offers, points only 

Horse Ship It #4 by mkayswritings Horse ship it #4 <- 5 points each. 

Horse Ship it #3 - 2 points by mkayswritings Horse ship it #3 <- 2 points each 

Horse Ship It #2 - 2 points by mkayswritings Horse ship it #2 <- 2 points each

Horse Ship It #1 - 2 points by mkayswritings Horse ship it #1 <- 2 points each 
Uncommon design 1481 by mkayswritings

Looking for commissions for my fawnling kiddo, I can offer points since I have 208, a breeding to any of my fawnlings to if that will help with the payment depending on the price that was out there. I am trying to get more points atm by making adopts so chances are that I might have more points later on. 

Fawnlings, I have are Duke Lothian, Eirlys and her daughter Zaharia, Cendrillion and the design up there are open for future breedings depending on the price of the commissions. 

Features that I want for the blue roan are:  
- Waterfall mane 
- Debating between the princess or hoofmaiden tail 
- 60s flairs on legs
- Trident or Ram-ess horn 
#791- moon shard charm 

I have a mood shard charm that it just sitting there and I really don't have any plans to use it, I know that Ravette could use it. But I really don't plan on using it on her so I figured that it could go to someone who could use it. 

I know that the two tokens I want probably aren't worth a trade for the charm, but feel free to offer tokens and I'll see if I want any of them or I'll just give this token away. 
Glenmore: Duke Lothian 
Duke Lothian|Colt|Royal by mkayswritings
Silverthorne: Cendrillion 
Cendrillion |Filly|Herd Member by mkayswritings

My Duke and my pretty blue roan are both at the age of three, but I would like to find a fawnling crush for them close to their age. Lothian would love to find someone to impress if they can get past the pale coat that he has and Cendrillion would like to meet someone who could deal with the dark color that she has. 

I would love to have some adorable fawnling crush moments with my kiddos. Lothian doesn't care what color the doe will be, he will treat them with care and respect especially when he's older. Same with Cendrillion. 
Ship its #1-3 are open for two points for each slot! Don't pay attention to the points that are still listed in the boxes. I bumped them down to two points since I need them gone ASAP! 

I need points to commission a few artists that I have been wanting to get art from! 

Horse Ship It #1 - 2 points by mkayswritings <- Ship it #1 

Horse Ship It #2 - 2 points by mkayswritings <- Ship it #2 

Horse Ship it #3 - 2 points by mkayswritings <- Ship it #3 

Ship it #4 aren't two points, points listed on the slots are how much each slot is! 
Horse Ship It #4 by mkayswritings <- Ship it #4 
Talzanna | Female | Clawmaiden by mkayswritings

Talzanna is finally ready to get out there in Kifani so I am looking for RPs to get her started if anyone is interested! She is fully deaf so speaking to her will be hard. But I love struggling characters. 

Looking for: 
- Someone to gain Talzanna's trust, a good buddy, etc. 
- She is a clawmaiden so looking for someone to work for (if anyone can get past her differences) 
- Struggles that she has to face with other Kifani, she is a social outcast and being deaf doesn't help also 

Those are just a few ideas, but I am up for anything for my girl. We can discuss plot ideas out also if needed =D 
Lady Freya | Doe| Royal by mkayswritings

Miss Freya had been accepted and looking to get her started! Ref sheet came a bit late so she's already a yearling, but stuff that pre-dates is something that I would love to do and anything for year 1999. So hit me with stuff if you would like to interact with this little cutie! 

Things that I am looking for: 
- playdates/friends 
- Wanting a best friend for her (can be male or female) 
- future Austerian to have a family with. 
- maybe a royal female to be competitive with. 
- training 

I'm up for anything to get her started so it doesn't have to be with the list that I have posted! 
Valeric|Maer|Iotas by mkayswritings

Worth a shot for my linx girl since this would be a fun plot to do with her since she is an adopted kiddo by Tamash, wondering if anyone would be interested in being a "father figure" to her? Just an older male linx for her to look up and form a kinda father-daughter bond even though she isn't his. 

Let me know if you guys are interested! 
Uncommon design 1481 by mkayswritings

I haven't had any time to get around to working on Nefertiti's ref sheet, life has been getting in the way and I finally what herd I am going to put her in. It doesn't have to be colored, I can do that myself. I just haven't had any time to line. I can offer future breedings to any of my fawnlings if that will interest anyone! 

Dapple Grey Winter Roan Max Partially Restricted Fawn
Genotype: EE/aa/nG/nRnw/fwfw/rzrz
Eyecolor: Brown 
Rarity: Uncommon 
Intended Herd/Use: Silverthorne 

Build: Medium 
Mane: Waterfall 
Tail: Swishy 
Feather: 60s 
Antlers: Ram-ess 

Red Deer 7 <- image that I want used. 

I need to get more plots going for my fawnlings, these are just a few things that I want to do. But we can plot stuff out also, I'm willing do any plots to get some more stuff going for them. 

Eirlys |Doe|Allied Herd by mkayswritings
- Herb lessons 
- chance to use her healer skills 
- WB stag to take her and her daughter in 
- Childhood moments/friends 
- Injuries cause I want to give her a few scars 

Zaharia|Doe|Herd Member by mkayswritings
- Playdates/friends 
- Future stag 
- getting lost? 
- Looking for anything RP wise 

Duke Lothian|Colt|Royal by mkayswritings
Duke Lothian: 
- Future doe 
- Lessons of any kind 
- Looking for more friends 
- Looking for any type of plot 

Cendrillion |Filly|Herd Member by mkayswritings
- Future stag 
- Friends 
- Lessons of any kind 
- Looking for any type of plot 
Austerian: Closed 
|Lady Freya| Lord Judas x Ravette by mkayswritings
I haven't had any time to work on Lady Freya's ref sheet and the one who offered to make her ref sheet hasn't gotten around to it yet. So looking for help to get her ref out! I can offer future breedings to any of my other anoms expect Ravette since she infertile now. 

Here are Freya's mutations 
Mutations Set: Branching Tines (Auto), Magic-Based Mutations (Auto), Deer nose, Kirin crest, Cloven Hooves plus unicorn tail (paying for this) 

Image to use -> Horse Stock 33 - Friesian


Pool Design || June #146 by theshoulderissue

Searching for tokens! 
Hippocampus and hirihi magic! 
I don't really have anything worth trading as possible art and future breedings to any of my anoms is what I can offer for those tokens. Ravette is the only one who can no longer breed though. 
Ravette |Doe|Commoner by mkayswritings
Ravette belongs to Judas, but she isn't able to carry young anymore after having her daughter. 
RP ideas that I am looking for are childhood friends, healer lessons, any dungeons, prompts, and shrines. 
- Aftermath/before/during birth of her daughter since help will be needed for that. 

Percival|Stag|Commoner by mkayswritings
- Looking for a girl who can deal with his "lone wolf" attitude 
- RPs can be anything, I need to get more active with him anyways. Childhood friends, any dungeons, prompts, shrines. 

Valeric|Maer|Iotas by mkayswritings
- Future mate for her 
- Adopted mother is Tamash 
- Looking for any RPs for her, I need to get some plots going for her. Friends would be great! 
#0161 - fertile breeding 3 cubs 
- RP with Aiyana 

- RP with Adonis