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[Fawn] Rain, Don't Go Away

Featuring Nefertiti and Aluinn Spring, Year 773 of the New Age Silverthorne, The Silverwood Nefertiti: It was a simple day for the young Silverthorne while she was still debating about how she was going to spend the day, there was a lot that she could do. From training to just wandering around her home with everything that there was to see despite the dangers that were out there. There was a chance that she could get some more training in before she would go wander about and see if she could discover anything new. She pulled herself out of her home with a stretch deciding to nab breakfast first, train, and then just spend time wandering around the Silverwood. The unknown was there on what the dappled roan was going to find, maybe a new friend besides her cat Fritz that sat comfortably on her back right now. She needed to find a better way to carry him around safely, especially if they needed to escape from any danger that might appear. Nefe just hadn’t figured out what she could

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