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Zara: Reference Sheet (Balto OC) by mkayswritings Zara: Reference Sheet (Balto OC) by mkayswritings
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(C) FeralHeartsFan - lineart 
Age: 3
Eyes: Blue 
Pelt: Dark Smoky Black with grayish-violet tinge. 
Breed: Gray Wolf 
Sex: Female 
Home: Canyon near the sea 
Family: Nava's Pack 
Mate: None 
Offspring: None
Rank: Hunter 

Personality: Zara is a very quiet, but friendly wolf to the ones that are her friends and family. She can be a bit protective and guarded when it comes to meeting strangers that she comes across since she is very wary. Once she does adjust though, she is outgoing and enjoys spending times with others. There are times though when she likes to be by herself or just keeps to herself mostly spending time in the den that Zara stays in when she gets into one of her moods. 

Bio: Zara became apart of Nava's pack after she was found traveling by herself since she used to be a lone wolf at one point. She joined the other wolves becoming one of the hunters to bring food back to the pack whenever they were starting to get low on food. She didn't mind being a hunter, but there were times that she wondered what it was like to have a family. She knew that because of her position in the pack that her having a family was something that she most likely would never have though. She does hope that maybe someday she will be able to have a family of her own though depending on if she is able to find the right wolf for her to share that time with. 

Breeding Slots - 10 points 

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February 11, 2017
February 11, 2017
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