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Valeric|Maer|Iotas by mkayswritings Valeric|Maer|Iotas by mkayswritings
Ref by the lovely Seele-Studio (thank you so much!) 
(C) PrinceJackdaw for Tamash 

Basic Information:

Name: Valeric
Nickname: Vale
Gender: Maer
Breed: Anomalous Equine. (Do not change this!)
Bloodline: Pure Linx
Age: 1
Birth Season: Spring 1996
Eye Color: Blue
Build: Medium-Heavy (Shire)
Height: 16hh
Phenotype: Silver Black Roan Frame Overo}
Genotype: EE/aa/nZ/Rr/nO
Design Sheet: Vale

- Carnivorous Digestive System (Auto) 
- Modified Limbs - Feline Front Legs (Auto) 
- Feline Tail 
- Feline Eyes

Herd Information:

Herd: Linx
Herd Rank: Iotas
Current Location: Linx Mountain Range - Caribou Pass

Personal Information:

Sire: Linx NPC
Dam: Linx NPC 
Adopted Mom: Tamash

Mate(s): None
Offspring: None

Personality: Playful/Shy/Quiet/Laid-Back/Affectionate

Valeric is pretty quiet for a yearling even though she can be a bit curious especially when traveling in a new area. She rarely gets into trouble though because of her quiet and laid-back nature. She enjoys the company of others despite how shy she can actually be when it comes to first meeting others, but eventually that shy side will disappear and Valeric will open herself up. Most of her personality is still pretty playful and curious about the world around her, a lot of it won’t appear until she is older as playing and learning is the only thing that she wants to do at the moment.

History: Valeric was born during Spring of 1996 as she spent a lot of time staying in the home that belonged to her mother. Her mother kept her there to keep her safe mostly when she wandered off to go get food or if a specific thing was needed for the home. She stayed hidden in the cave while waiting for the return of her mother though especially when it wasn’t a good idea for her to wander out.

When Valeric was old enough though, she started to go on small trips with her mother and ones that she could handle. Valeric’s mother soon disappeared though while it is unknown on what had happened to her as she was waiting for her to come back home, but she never did. The young linx didn’t know what to do while waiting for her mother so she just stayed in the small home waiting for her to return or if someone was able to find her first.

She will be found by Tamash.

Skills & Talents:

Skill Points

Ability: Fleetfoot (+ 15 Agility Cap)
Herbs/Medicine: 4/100 [No Level] | Build Cap: 100 Points  | Age Cap: 0 points max.]

Magic Type: Fire  
Magic Level: 4/100 [No Level] | Build Cap: 100 Points  | Age Cap: 0 points max.]

Agility: 10/70 [No Level] | Build Cap: 55 Points + 15 Fleetfoot Bonus  = 70 | Age Cap: 0 points max.]
Stamina:14/85 [No Level] | Build Cap: 85 Points  | Age Cap: 0 points max.]
Strength: 13/85 [No Level] | Build Cap: 85 Points  | Age Cap: 0 points max.]

Experience: 0

+6 agility - base bonus
+10 stamina - base bonus
+9 strength - base bonus
+4 agility - starter bonus
+4 stamina - starter bonus
+4 strength - starter bonus
+4 magic - starter bonus
+4 herbs - starter bonus

tiger09716 Featured By Owner May 2, 2018
So pretty!!!
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Thank you!
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