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Rosalyn: Reference Sheet/Serenity Meadows Estate by mkayswritings Rosalyn: Reference Sheet/Serenity Meadows Estate by mkayswritings
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Name: Rosalyn 
Nickname: Rosa 
Registered Name: Raindrops on Roses 
Age: 5
Eyes: Lime Green 
Mane/Tail: Silver
Coat: Red Roan 
Markings: Half-white muzzle and white star on forehead. 
Sex: Mare    
Breed: Belgian Draft Horse 
Farm: Serenity Meadows Estate 

Personality: Rosalyn is a very outgoing mare who does enjoy the company of others especially when she wants to spend time with the others that have become her friends. She enjoys her life at Serenity Meadows because of how comfortable it is there for her. The red roan mare can be very determined to get things done since she wants to please others, mostly her owners though. There are times when she can be a bit moody, but that usually happens are she feels like she let anyone down or felt like she failed with the job that she was supposed to do. 

Rosa can be a bit hard of herself sometimes even though she is still learning how to succeed in the career that she was trained for. 

Skills: Rosa is still in training for becoming a carriage horse on a four-horse team for show. 

Bio: Rosalyn was brought to Serenity Meadows Estate at the age of two scared of what was going on since she was being brought to an unfamiliar place plus being skittish of people because of how she was treated growing up. Her previous handler did abuse her while training her before she was ready to handle the weight of a person. She was rescued by an animal rescue before being adopted by the owners of the Estate to help her recover from the trauma that she went through. 

Rosa was able to recover with the help of the people at the Estate and the friends that she made from the other horses she got to know. The mare is still living at the large farm where she will live the rest of her days at, not having to fear people anymore. 
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November 3, 2017
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