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Ravette |Doe|Commoner by mkayswritings Ravette |Doe|Commoner by mkayswritings
Ref sheet by WhispRiver 

Plots: Open 
Roleplays: Open 
Breeding: Open - Plotting only 

Basic Information:

Name: Ravette
Nickname: Rave
Gender: Doe
Breed: Anomalous Equine. 
Bloodline: Pure Austerian
Age: 6
Birth Season: Spring 1990
Eye Color: Amber 
Build: Light-Medium (Friesian build) 
Height: 16hh
Phenotype: Countered Flaxen Chestnut Semi-Rosette
Genotype: ee/aa/ff/nCtr/nRs
Design Sheet:…

Branching Horns (auto) 
Cloven Hooves 
Unicorn Tail 
Deer nose 

Herd Information:
Herd: Austerian
Herd Rank: Commoner 
Current Location: Auster Wood 

Personal Information:
Sire: Austerian NPC
Dam: Austerian NPC
Mate(s): None (will be changed once she gets one) 
Offspring: None 

Personality: Shy/Cautious/Hard-Working/Laid-Back/Kind

Being the silent type, it has always been difficult for Ravette to open up to others. It does seem at first that she is independent, but she actually try to rely on others especially if they are her family. Rave is a respectful doe though as her parents taught her that respect is always a good thing to have among the Austerians. Besides her silent nature, she is actually very protective especially of young ones which does make her a good mother. It is unknown on how protective she will be though since she hasn’t had any offspring of her own yet. 

Ravette was born in the spring of 1990 in Auster Wood where she was raised by her mother until she was old enough to be on her own. The doe was very quiet when she was small though as she rarely played with the other young Austerians while she was growing. Her mother thought that something was wrong, but Ravette was just shy in nature which made it hard for her to open up to others. She was even shy around her parents, but in time she did start to open up to them and play with the others that were around her age. 

Once Ravette was old enough, she decided that she wanted to become medic because of her interest in plants and the will to wanting to help others because of her kind nature. She was able to find someone who was willing to teach her on how to become a medic and Rave picked up the lessons fairly quickly. Eventually she was able to become a full-fledged medic and her journey to help others started there. 

The dark-colored doe has only been a medic for about a year already as she is now at the age of five. The training that she has gone through has been helpful to a few Austerians already, she does hope that she will be able to help more though in the future. Ravette is focusing on her medic skills right now, but eventually she would like to have a family of her own. 

When Enebris took over Austerian, Ravette didn’t know what to think about the whole thing since it came unexpected to the herd. Life changed because of it to where it was difficult for her to travel without running into one that was apart of the Shadow Alliance, she does she can to avoid them though. She is untrusting of them mostly because of her shy nature and having a hard time opening up to others that she comes across. The Alliance makes it hard for her to continue her duties as a healer since she has to travel to a few different places to see the ones that live far from her home.

Spring 1990 - Age 0 
- Ravette was born 

Year 1991 - Age 1 
Year 1992 - Age 2 
Year 1993 - Age 3 
- To Have and to Hold 

Year 1994 - Age 4 
Year 1995 - Age 5 

Year 1996 - Age 6 
- Healing

Year 1997 - Age 7 
- Meeting
- More Than Meets The Eye 
- The Blizzard 
- Shelter From The Snow
- The Rejection
- Searching For A Friend

Skills & Talents:

Ability: Medic (+ 15 Herbs/Medicine Cap)

Herbs/Medicine: 31/115 [Basic Level | Build Cap: 100 Points + 15 Medic Bonus  = 115 | Age Cap:  49 points max.]

Magic Type: Earth
Magic Level: 20/100 [Basic Level | Build Cap: 100 Points  | Age Cap: 49 points max.]

Agility: 17/85 [Basic Level | Build Cap: 85 Points  | Age Cap:  49 points max.]
Stamina: 25/85 [Basic Level | Build Cap: 85 Points  | Age Cap:  49 points max.]
Strength: 18/55 [Basic Level | Build Cap: 55 Points  | Age Cap:  49 points max.]

Experience: 0

+12 agility - base bonus
+11 stamina - base bonus
+2 strength - base bonus
+4 agility - starter bonus
+4 stamina - starter bonus
+4 strength - starter bonus
+4 magic - starter bonus
+4 herbs - starter bonus
+10 - skill boost 
+10 - skill boost 
+10 - skill boost 
+10 - skill boost 
+5 herbs - 400-999 Word Lit [Skill Shown] + Collaborative Lit - Meeting
+2 skill points - Collaboration lit - Healing
+5 skill points - 2000+ word lit [Skill shown - Herbs/Medicine] - Healing 
+2 magic - 400-999 Word Lit - More Than Meets The Eye 
+2 strength - 400-999 Word Lit - The Blizzard 
+1 agility - Headshot/Partial-body + No BG/Simple BG - Shelter From The Snow 
+ 4 Skill Point - 400-999 word lit [No Skill Shown] + Collaboration Lit - To Have and to Hold 
+3 herbs - 1000-1999 Word Lit - The Rejection 
+2 magic - 400-999 Word Lit - Searching For A Friend 
- earth dragon token was used from finding wakainga 
Name for dragon: Ascelin 

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