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Percival|Stag|Commoner by mkayswritings Percival|Stag|Commoner by mkayswritings
Ref by Tales-of-Haven (thank you so much!) 
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NewPerci has been accepted!  

Plots: Open 
Roleplays: Open 
Breeding: Open - Plotting only 

Basic Information:

Name: Percival 
Nickname: Perci 
Gender: Male 
Breed: Anomalous Equine. (Do not change this!)
Bloodline: Pure Austerian  
Age: 6
Birth Season: Spring 1991 
Eye Color: Blue 
Build: Light-Medium (Friesian) 
Height: 17hh 
Phenotype: Bay Dun Based Dappled Grey Splash 
Genotype: Ee/Aa/nD/GG/nSpl
Design Sheet: Pool Design | September #155

- Branching Horns (Auto) 
- Cloven Hooves 
- Deer Nose 
- Unicorn Tail 

Herd Information:

Herd: Austerian 
Herd Rank: Crafters
Current Location: Auster Wood 

Personal Information:

Sire: Austerian NPC 
Dam: Austerian NPC

Mate(s): None 

Offspring: None 

Personality: Adaptable/Inventive/Persistent/Stubborn/Determined 

Percival has a bit of a troublemaker growing up since he liked to stick his nose into where it doesn’t belong, he grew out of that once he was older though especially after his parents lectured him about it. He is known for his stubborn nature though which can cause problems sometimes. Perci can seem like the lone wolf type, but he will open up to others after getting over the struggle with trust and getting comfortable around the ones that he is talking with. He is just used to being a loner as he had been for as long as he could remember, he doesn’t try to avoid others it just happens most of the time. He would like to find someone who can deal with this lone wolf personality as they most likely would have to deal with a lot of silence most of the time. 

History: Percival was born in 1991 as he spent a lot of time with his mother growing up since he never really liked being apart from her until he started getting more nosy about things which was why he was considered being a troublemaker growing up. He was a very playful though as he enjoyed playing with others growing up until he was older where the lone wolf side of him just suddenly started. It was unknown on why he started acting like this, but it might be because of some event that happened when he was little. It’s something that he rarely remembers since Perci most likely blocked it out because of trauma that affected him. 

When the Shadow Alliance came to Austerian, Percival wasn’t very happy with their arrival as he would of been in a bad mood around them because of what they were trying to do. He did his best to avoid them, but he wasn’t afraid to get into a fight with them if needed especially if they wouldn’t leave him alone. Perci wasn’t going to put up with them, he just saw them as a nasty threat unless peace could be made between the both of them. 

Percival was relieved once the SA came to an end though since it meant that things could go back to normal even though it might take a bit for Austerian to recover from the battles against them. He would continue his crafting though since his interests when it comes to making things, Perci hopes that others will enjoy his work though as he tries to make unique items for other Austerians who seek him out if they need something made. At the moment, he is at the Auster Wood since that has become his permanent home because of how much he likes the location and how comfortable it is to the quiet stag.  

Skills & Talents:

Skill Points
Ability: Fortitude (+ 15 Stamina Cap)

Herbs/Medicine:10/100 [Basic Level | Build Cap: 100 Points  | Age Cap: 49 points max.]

Magic Type: Laurel 
Magic Level: 20/100 [Basic Level | Build Cap: 100 Points  | Age Cap:  49 points max.]

Agility: 28/85 [Basic Level | Build Cap: 85 Points  | Age Cap:  49 points max.]
Stamina: 31/100 [Medium Level | Build Cap: 85 Points + 15 Fortitude Bonus  = 100 | Age Cap: 49 points max.]
Strength: 16/55 [Basic Level | Build Cap: 55 Points  | Age Cap:  49 points max.]

Experience: 0

+8 agility - base bonus
+11 stamina - base bonus
+6 strength - base bonus
+4 agility - starter bonus
+4 stamina - starter bonus
+4 strength - starter bonus
+4 magic - starter bonus
+4 herbs - starter bonus
+6 herbs - starter bonus 
+6 magic - starter bonus 
+6 agility - starter bonus 
+6 stamina - starter bonus
+6 strength - starter bonus 
+10 magic - 30 point skill boost 
+10 strength - 30 point skill boost 
+10 agility - 30 point skill boost 

- 524 Laurel Dragon - Name: TBA 

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