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Nova: Reference Sheet by mkayswritings Nova: Reference Sheet by mkayswritings
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Name: Nova
Age : 5
Gender: Mare
Breed: Friesian
Species: The Elven
Faction: The Mages
Rank: ?
Character's Ability: Mage
Guide: None
Height: 15 Hands  
Residency: Carthago

Personality: Nova is a very easy-going mare with a lot of energy. She is very active so it isn’t surprising to see her wandering about Terra especially when she is bored. She is known to be curious, but she has a cautious side as well, but that side comes out when Nova is someplace new since she doesn’t know who or what she will run into. Nova is a brave mare and isn’t afraid when it comes to standing up to threats or bossy stallions who try to get their own way. She can stay calm in the most stressful situations and knows how to handle them very well. She does think before she acts though depending on the situation that she is dealing with making her the type of horse who tries to use tactics to get her out of sticky situations.

History: Nova was born into The Elven Race apart of The Mage Faction, she was born with the mage ability, but didn’t learn about her abilities until she was old enough to understand them. The Friesian mare went through training with the help of her parents and her teacher who was apart of the Mage Faction. She picked up on her abilities as a mage pretty quickly, but it did take her a few times to get it right when she was learning something knew about her magic ability. Nova was happy to learn the ways of the mage since she wanted to become a mage like her parents were.

Once the gray mare was old enough, she made a home in Carthago where she could hopefully live a comfortable live. Plus Nova wanted to see a different lifestyle than the one that she had when she was being raised by her parents. She does what she can with her magic to help people out especially when they need assistance of any kind. She enjoys her life in Carthago plus the traveling that she gets to go on to see the different towns and other areas around Terra. Nova hopes that she will be able to learn as much as she can about her homeland because of her curiousity. For right now though, Nova is still living in the town of Carthago doing what she can there to help the friends that she has made already.
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June 19, 2017
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