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Nia: Reference Sheet by mkayswritings Nia: Reference Sheet by mkayswritings
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Name: Nia
Age: 2
Eyes: Dark Green 
Coat: White with light and dark brown markings, dark brown ears 
Sex: Doe
Species: White-Tailed Deer 
Mate: -reserved- 
Fawns: None
Parents: Not made yet
Status: Loner

Personality: Nia is a gentle doe, but she will stand up to others if the situation causes for it. Her friends and parents know that she is kind and caring since they have seen that side of her in person themselves. She enjoys helping others and loves to spend time with her friends. She is cautious though because of her being a doe and the knowledge that some stags aren't very friendly out there. It isn't rare to see Nia by herself though as she usually is walking with one of her friends, but there are times when she will be by herself. Nia is smart though, but still needs to get more experience to become as wise as her parents and the other older deer are. 

Bio: Nia was born in one of the many thickets that exist in the forest she lives in. She lives deep in the woods, but does travel around to different parts around the large forest but she tries not to wander too far from the thicket that she has made home. The thicket is well-hidden and one that Nia had somewhat made herself by moving the bushes and other plants around. She has grown up enough to be away from her parents and able to live on her own, Nia hopes that she will be able to start a family of her own someday though after find the one who she will want to be with for the rest of her life. 

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April 15, 2017
April 15, 2017
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