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Eva: Reference Sheet by mkayswritings Eva: Reference Sheet by mkayswritings
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Adopted from horsegirl121 
(C) Cookieofthecimarron - lineart

Name: Eva
Age: 3
Eyes: Green 
Coat: Buttermilk Buckskin
Breed: Mustang
Sex: Mare
Mate: None
Foals: None

Personality: Eva is a laid-back and calm mare who does enjoy the company of others. She is outgoing, but she can be shy mostly when she gets embarrassed or flustered. There are times when she can be quiet also, but that usually doesn't last long once she gets used to the one that she is visiting with. Being a mare, Eva is wary because of the stallions that are out there who probably would be wanting to steal a mare like her from the herd or stallion that she belongs to. She is protective and does have a good mothering ability which will make her a good mother and mate or mare to have once it is time for Eva to start a family of her own. 

Bio: Eva still lives with her parents as she is only the age of three who hasn't found a stallion or another herd to join to start a life of her own. She is still young and it waiting for when the right time comes for her to start a family. She mostly spends her time watching over the foals that are in the herd. The buckskin mare doesn't mind watching over the foals since they are her siblings and she wants to make sure that they will stay safe. The herd is located in one of the many valleys around the Cimarron valley near a forest that does provide good cover for them when they need to go there for any reason. Eva hopes that she will be able to start a family of her own someday, but whenever that day comes she will be waiting after meeting a stallion who she wants to start a family with. 
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March 28, 2017
March 28, 2017
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