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Cendrillion |Filly|Herd Member by mkayswritings Cendrillion |Filly|Herd Member by mkayswritings
(C) Malleni-Stock 
Deer Stock 37 
(C) RVMStables for ref sheet/Angeal 

Plots: Open
Roleplays: Open 
Breeding: No, just a baby. 

Basic Info
Name: Cendrillion
Gender: Female
Age: 1
Year of Birth: 768 of the New Age
Height: 7.1 hh (predicated height 11 hh)
Build: Light-Medium
Phenotype: Blue Roan Partially Restricted
Genotype: EE/aa/RR/fwfw/nrz
Eye Color: Brown
Design sheet: #0805

Sire: Unknown Silverthorne Stag (Adopted parent is Angeal)
Dam: Unknown Silverthorne Doe
Bloodline: 100% Silverthorne
Magic Type: Fire Magic

Skill points:
Speed: 7
Stamina: 5 [No Level]
Strength: 4 [No Level] (Build Cap: 15 points max)

Magic: 4 [No Level]
Herbs: 0 [No Level]
Crafting: 0 [No Level]

Experience: 0

+5 speed - base bonus
+3 stamina - base bonus
+1 strength - base bonus
+ 2 speed - starter bonus 
+ 2 stamina - starter bonus 
+3 strength - starter bonus
+ 4 magic - starter bonus 

Personality: Being as young as she is, Cendrillion is playful and a bit giggly as her only care right now is playing with the other fawnlings that are her age. Even though, she can be playful, she can be a bit shy also but she will open up after a few days depending on the situation. Cendrilion was always careful though mostly because of the warnings of her protective mother as she always stuck to her side whenever they were out together. Her personality is still being developed though, but there will be a struggle of abandonment issues because of her getting separated from her mother at a young age.
Once she grows up, Cendrilion will be protective and wary like her mother was, fear of being abandoned again, and possibly still somewhat shy unless she grows out of it. She won’t be afraid to stand her ground though which might make others think different of her, Cendrilion will do what she can to protect others and future fawns to the best of her abilities. She doesn’t want to see an abandoned or lost fawn like she was though because she knows how it feels to be left behind unknown on why she was.

The blue fawnling will make sure not to ever abandoned any of her children even if they have an undesirable trait that wouldn’t be wanted among the Silverthorne community.

Appearance: Once Cendrilion is fully grown, she might possibly gain a few scars on her blue roan coat maybe from some training accidents? She’ll have regular mane, a swishy tail, and the 60s flairs look around her feet. Her antlers will be unknown though until it’s time for them to grow. One of the scars might possibly end up on her face, maybe around her eye or on the side of her cheek.

History: Cendrilion was born in Silverthorne in the year of 768 to an unknown doe and stag, she mostly stuck to her mother’s side though remembering the color of her side, voice, and face more than anything. She rarely met with her father though and barely remembers anything about him except that he had a deep voice and was tall. She rarely left the home that her mother had claimed as theirs, not until she was strong enough to walk without falling every few minutes. Cendrilion was very clumsy when she first started to learn how to walk, but her caring mother was patient with her knowing that it would take time for her to get her feet underneath her.

It wasn’t until the winter of 768 when she got separated, possibly abandoned by her mother one day though. Cendrilion stayed in the thicket that was home waiting for her mother to return since it made it easier on her mother to stay hidden in their home when she went out looking for food. The young fawn waited though as hours did pass, but her mother still didn’t appear which caused her to feel scared and panic. She did call out for her with grunts and yelling before leaving the thicket to go search for her. The search was in vain though as Cendrilion was unable to find her nor even know where to look for her missing mother. She was alone and didn’t know where to go or even how to survive on her own since she hadn’t  the chance to learn how.

Angeal finds her in the thicket was known as home after the disappearance of her mother. He takes her as his own though knowing that she won't be able to survive on her own because of how young she is because she didn't have the chance to learn anything from her mother yet. 

Future plans:
- Cendrillion will be adopted by Angeal
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