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Casper: Reference Sheet by mkayswritings Casper: Reference Sheet by mkayswritings
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Name: Casper 
Registered Name: Casper's Hallow 
Age: 3 
Eyes: Light Orange
Mane/Tail: Dark Gray 
Sex: Stallion 
Breed: Appaloosa x Mustang  
Parents: Winter Hollow x Lurleane
Sibling: Carmeka ->…
Farm: Serenity Meadows Estate 

Skills: -In training- 

Personality: Casper is a strong-willed and outgoing stallion who has a lot of energy. He is still playful though since he is still young. He enjoys the friends that he has met so far which is who he spends most of his time with and visiting with his father also. He does try to show off to the mares though, but that sometimes doesn't work out too well since he has made a fool out of himself a few times already. He is still learning since he is still young and his father is teaching him on how to be a mature adult, but letting him have the fun that he needs. 

Bio: Casper is the son of Winter Hollow and Lurleane who lives on Serenity Meadows and the Hudson Estate. He stayed with his mother Lurleane until he was old enough to be weaned from her and brought to Serenity Meadows where he was placed with the other yearlings. He did miss his mother, but having his father there was helpful to him. The colt grew up on the Estate with the other yearlings and horses that were there. 

He is now at the age of three and starting his training to become a show jumper like his father. He is tall so it makes him a good candidate for show jumping and he will be one of the stud horses that lives on the estate. Casper might also be trained in dressage depending on if he takes to the training or not, his owners need to find out what he is good at before he is actually put into any shows. 

(C) Kristin1991 for Lurleane/Carmeka 

Foal ref:…

Breeding slot: 10 points 

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June 13, 2017
June 13, 2017
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