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Autumn: Reference Sheet by mkayswritings Autumn: Reference Sheet by mkayswritings
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Adopted from horses0101 
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Name: Autumn 
Age: 4
Eyes: Dark Blue
Mane/Tail: White 
Coat: Brown
Markings: Creamy-white mask, stockings and stripe on her side. 
Breed: Mustang
Sex: Mare
Mate: None
Foals: None

Personality: Autumn is one of those quiet mares as she is a bit shy mostly when it comes to her being around the one that she likes. She does enjoy the company of others though especially by the ones who are her good friends. Even though Autumn is shy, she is protective especially when it comes down to foals and to the ones that are important to her. She is a gentle and kind mare who enjoys watching over foals even if they aren't hers. Doing what she could to help out her father's herd, Autumn made sure that the foals, their mothers and the elders were taken care of especially when the weather was day. Autumn can get spooked easily though and she is wary around strangers especially stallions because of her being a mare. 

Bio: Autumn and the herd that belongs to her parents live in a valley, but they also take shelter in the woods especially when the weather is bad. Autumn is the first child of her parents, but she will have more siblings coming along the way as her mother is carrying another right now and the other mares that are in the herd. There have been a few half-siblings before Autumn was born, but she never met them since they had gone off on their own before she was born. Deciding that she wanted to help out her family, she decided to watch over the foals when the mothers went off to graze and enjoy some time to themselves for a bit. The mare does hope that she will find a stallion one day though, unknown on when that day will come or if it will come at all. 


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April 15, 2017
April 15, 2017
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