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Arabella: Reference Sheet by mkayswritings Arabella: Reference Sheet by mkayswritings
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Adopted from horsegirl121 

Name: Arabella
Nickname: Bella  
Age: 5 
Eyes: Brown
Mane/Tail: Dark with light gray tips 
Coat: Dappled Gray 
Markings: Dark gray muzzle and light gray snip 
Breed: Mustang 
Sex: Mare 
Mate: None 
Foals: None 

Personality: Arabella is an outgoing mare who does enjoy her time wandering around and exploring. She is a gentle and caring horse though especially when it comes to taking care of foals which is another thing that she loves to do. Having good mothering instincts, Arabella is trusted when it comes to babysitting the other foals that are apart of the herd. She has been known about being protective over foals and the other herd members especially when a threat is there. This outgoing mare isn't afraid to stand up to others especially stallions because of that protective side that she has, she will voice her thoughts also allowing others to know what she thinks. Bella does like to have fun though and explore new places that she hasn't been able to see before. 

Bio: Arabella comes from a small herd among the Cimarron who lives among the trees and mountains because of the shelter that it provides. Her parents are apart of the herd while her father is a lead stallion, but her mother is just one of the many mares that lives within the herd while the lead mare was the first made that had joined before her mother. Bella does enjoy living with her family, but she is getting at the age where she does want to start a family on her own whether she becomes a lead mare or just joins a herd like the one her father leads. She is waiting for the day when she will be able to start a family of her own, but she wants to find the right stallion first who is willing to spend time with a strong-willed mare like herself. 
horsegirl121 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Looking good!
mkayswritings Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2017
Thanks! =D 
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March 27, 2017
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