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Aidan: Reference Sheet by mkayswritings Aidan: Reference Sheet by mkayswritings
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New Adult Ref for Aidan 

Name: Aidan 
Age: 3 
Eyes: Blue
Mane/Tail: Black
Coat: Palomino 
Markings: Black muzzle and stockings with black eye spots
Sex: Stallion  
Breed: Mustang 
Parents: Idate and Desert Sage (Desert Sage belongs to Cola) 
Sibling: Kira 
Mate: None 
Foals: None 
Herd: None 

Foal ref:…

Personality: Aidan is a very outgoing and courageous stallion which can get him into trouble sometimes. He is well-known for his curiosity and sticking his nose where it shouldn't be. He is protective though and will care for the others that are important to him. Aidan can be stubborn sometimes plus being a bad-listener since he is at that stage thinking that he can do whatever he wants since he is still so young at the moment. 

Bio: Aidan is the son of Idate and Desert Sage even though he hasn't seen his father in years. Aidan has no idea where his father is at since Idate left the stallion many years ago before her son was born. His parents had a falling out and Idate decided that it was bets to move on to find a new life as she returned back to her parents' herd to stay with them until she is able to find another stallion. Aidan grew up under Idate's care and his grandparents who taught him how to survive so he could start his own family once he was old enough. 

Aidan is traveling with a group of bachelors at the moment waiting for the right time to claim a mare as his own so he could start his own herd. 
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June 7, 2017
June 7, 2017
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