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A Comfortable Home
Featuring Queen Kassia and Eirlys 
Spring, Year 770 of the New Age
Around the main herd, Windborne

Even if she had seen the other doe once or twice they had never really had any conversation since her arrival in the herd. The Queen was looking forward to meeting her again and eager to see how she was doing with her new life.
Kassia was heading towards the main herd where she was supposed to meet Eirlys. A few seasons ago the doe had asked for her approval to stay within the main herd and Kassia had agreed. Did she find what she was looking for? Did she start a ‘new’ life?
As the wiry doe took the last steps to their meeting point she watched her surroundings. Maybe the doe would show her her new home… Kassia would love to see where she lived now.
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Mystery Christmas Adopts - 5 points by mkayswritings Mystery Christmas Adopts - 5 points :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 0 2 Noctis promo by mkayswritings Noctis promo :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 1 0 Seraph of the End promo by mkayswritings Seraph of the End promo :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 0 0 Voltron/VLD Promo by mkayswritings Voltron/VLD Promo :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 0 0 Horse Ship It #40 - Astarios x Eva by mkayswritings Horse Ship It #40 - Astarios x Eva :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 0 2 Horse Ship It #39 - Awahi x Eva by mkayswritings Horse Ship It #39 - Awahi x Eva :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 3 0 Horse Ship it #38 - Regis x Matica by mkayswritings Horse Ship it #38 - Regis x Matica :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 2 0 Mystery Halloween Adopt #7 - renasma6890 by mkayswritings Mystery Halloween Adopt #7 - renasma6890 :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 2 2
The Festivities Begin
Featuring Ravette and Lady Freya mentioning Lord Judas
Autumn, Year 1999
Auster Wood, Austerian Territory  
Excitement had appeared in Austerian because of the upcoming tournament that had arrived each year during the fall, it brought many to the event even some that were from different territories. It wasn’t the first time that they had gotten others that didn’t carry Auster blood here though, a few of them that Ravette had spoken to over time. She thought that this tournament would be fun for her only child to go to because of the events that they had for young children, she remembered the first time that she got to go to this tournament with her parents. The Chestnut doe wasn’t going to
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The Search Continues
Featuring Valeric mentioning Tamash 
Summer, Year 1999
Linx territory, Various areas of Linx Mountain Range
Valeric was still determined to come across a dragon egg to bring into her home, the first search had failed to find one that she could raise as her own. It was the main reason on why she was trying again, it could give her some company in the empty den that she lived in. But it was a struggle to find one that easily because of how well they seemed to be hidden among the mountain range. She was hoping that luck was going to be on her side this time though after getting a few pointers from others on where to look, that’s why Valeric was going to go check those places out to see if she could find one that could rest safely in her home. Hopefully one that had the ability of fire though.
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Honerva WIP 2 by mkayswritings Honerva WIP 2 :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 1 0 Honerva WIP by mkayswritings Honerva WIP :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 0 0 Horse Ship It #37 - Arabella x Leonardo by mkayswritings Horse Ship It #37 - Arabella x Leonardo :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 2 0 Horse Ship It #36 - Arabella x Zot by mkayswritings Horse Ship It #36 - Arabella x Zot :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 2 0 Horse Ship Its #35 - Arabella x Astarios by mkayswritings Horse Ship Its #35 - Arabella x Astarios :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 2 0


Bayou|Doe|Renegade by MariahWolf19 Bayou|Doe|Renegade :iconmariahwolf19:MariahWolf19 5 0
The Ravens - A Nomad Band

The Ravens are a newly founded nomadic herd in Windborne. It was created at the beginning of the autumn season in the year 766 after Artemisia and a few other misfits, all strong and capable Blackwood, crossed the open ocean, finding a place where the pale would not be automatically perceived as weak links and their strengths could properly shine.
Current Leader

Current Members
Artemisia | Doe | Band Leader
Samuel | Stag | Nomad
:iconapplecinna:applecinna 9 5
Dale|Stag|Renegade by Hiokami-chan Dale|Stag|Renegade :iconhiokami-chan:Hiokami-chan 2 2 Norway Stock 001 by Malleni-Stock Norway Stock 001 :iconmalleni-stock:Malleni-Stock 23 0 Norway Stock 002 by Malleni-Stock Norway Stock 002 :iconmalleni-stock:Malleni-Stock 46 0 Norway Stock 003 by Malleni-Stock Norway Stock 003 :iconmalleni-stock:Malleni-Stock 46 0 Norway Stock 004 by Malleni-Stock Norway Stock 004 :iconmalleni-stock:Malleni-Stock 68 2 Norway Stock 005 by Malleni-Stock Norway Stock 005 :iconmalleni-stock:Malleni-Stock 91 0 Norway Stock 006 by Malleni-Stock Norway Stock 006 :iconmalleni-stock:Malleni-Stock 107 1 Norway Stock 007 by Malleni-Stock Norway Stock 007 :iconmalleni-stock:Malleni-Stock 83 1 Norway Stock 008 by Malleni-Stock Norway Stock 008 :iconmalleni-stock:Malleni-Stock 164 4 On their way to fuck shit up by BADVIBESGENERATOR On their way to fuck shit up :iconbadvibesgenerator:BADVIBESGENERATOR 8 2
Lidocaine // Crowley

"You know the truth can be a weapon
To fight this world of ill intentions"

"A new answer to the same question
How many times will you learn the same lesson?"

A storm was brewing. A powerful storm – a storm which changed the peaceful land of Windborne into a battlefield of primal forces. Some people chose to shelter themselves from the storm, hiding underneath bushes and in small dens. A wise choice for those not familiar with the destruction which could follow. The natives of Windborne, the loyalists had their fair share of people like that. Weak people, weak links. But nonetheless, they were wise to hide if they already knew they would suffer. Breathing in deeply, Crowley closed his eyes for a short moment of time, listening carefully to the howling outside of
:iconhoudinz:Houdinz 3 2
Protection // Crowley by Houdinz Protection // Crowley :iconhoudinz:Houdinz 5 2 Flirtation...? by SwordsandSpectacles Flirtation...? :iconswordsandspectacles:SwordsandSpectacles 3 0 Yet Another Encounter by SwordsandSpectacles Yet Another Encounter :iconswordsandspectacles:SwordsandSpectacles 3 2


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No idea if anyone will be interested in this, but I am debating about making promos-banners for anyone who would want one for anything. There are a few things that I ask for first though 

- If fandom related, it must be a screenshot or a commission that you asked for! I will not be using fanart that wasn't created for you. 
- Pictures must be owned by you/made for you for the promos/banners. 
- Points only to make the banners/promos. Points depend on how many photos I am give. Limit is three photos for each banner. 

1 photo: 2 points 
2 photos: 5 points 
3 photos: 10 points 


Noctis promo by mkayswritings
Seraph of the End promo by mkayswritings
Voltron/VLD Promo by mkayswritings <- ones like this will be 2 points 



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