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A Comfortable Home
Featuring Queen Kassia and Eirlys 
Spring, Year 770 of the New Age
Around the main herd, Windborne

Even if she had seen the other doe once or twice they had never really had any conversation since her arrival in the herd. The Queen was looking forward to meeting her again and eager to see how she was doing with her new life.
Kassia was heading towards the main herd where she was supposed to meet Eirlys. A few seasons ago the doe had asked for her approval to stay within the main herd and Kassia had agreed. Did she find what she was looking for? Did she start a ‘new’ life?
As the wiry doe took the last steps to their meeting point she watched her surroundings. Maybe the doe would show her her new home… Kassia would love to see where she lived now.
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Mystery Christmas Adopts - 5 points by mkayswritings Mystery Christmas Adopts - 5 points :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 0 12 Noctis promo by mkayswritings Noctis promo :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 1 0 Seraph of the End promo by mkayswritings Seraph of the End promo :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 0 0 Voltron/VLD Promo by mkayswritings Voltron/VLD Promo :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 0 0 Horse Ship It #40 - Astarios x Eva by mkayswritings Horse Ship It #40 - Astarios x Eva :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 0 2 Horse Ship It #39 - Awahi x Eva by mkayswritings Horse Ship It #39 - Awahi x Eva :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 3 0 Horse Ship it #38 - Regis x Matica by mkayswritings Horse Ship it #38 - Regis x Matica :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 2 0 Mystery Halloween Adopt #7 - renasma6890 by mkayswritings Mystery Halloween Adopt #7 - renasma6890 :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 2 2
The Festivities Begin
Featuring Ravette and Lady Freya mentioning Lord Judas
Autumn, Year 1999
Auster Wood, Austerian Territory  
Excitement had appeared in Austerian because of the upcoming tournament that had arrived each year during the fall, it brought many to the event even some that were from different territories. It wasn’t the first time that they had gotten others that didn’t carry Auster blood here though, a few of them that Ravette had spoken to over time. She thought that this tournament would be fun for her only child to go to because of the events that they had for young children, she remembered the first time that she got to go to this tournament with her parents. The Chestnut doe wasn’t going to
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The Search Continues
Featuring Valeric mentioning Tamash 
Summer, Year 1999
Linx territory, Various areas of Linx Mountain Range
Valeric was still determined to come across a dragon egg to bring into her home, the first search had failed to find one that she could raise as her own. It was the main reason on why she was trying again, it could give her some company in the empty den that she lived in. But it was a struggle to find one that easily because of how well they seemed to be hidden among the mountain range. She was hoping that luck was going to be on her side this time though after getting a few pointers from others on where to look, that’s why Valeric was going to go check those places out to see if she could find one that could rest safely in her home. Hopefully one that had the ability of fire though.
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Honerva WIP 2 by mkayswritings Honerva WIP 2 :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 1 0 Honerva WIP by mkayswritings Honerva WIP :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 0 0 Horse Ship It #37 - Arabella x Leonardo by mkayswritings Horse Ship It #37 - Arabella x Leonardo :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 2 0 Horse Ship It #36 - Arabella x Zot by mkayswritings Horse Ship It #36 - Arabella x Zot :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 2 0 Horse Ship Its #35 - Arabella x Astarios by mkayswritings Horse Ship Its #35 - Arabella x Astarios :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 2 0


[SI] An angel will die, covered in white
Featuring Lukia with mention of Ciera (NPC), NPC servant, and cubs
Autumn, Y107 
Giza, Zitar territory
Every day now Lukia had grown rounder, feeling the life growing inside her, feeling the occasional movement or kick against her insides. She'd turned to eating a bit more red meat lately rather than fish at her mother's demand, stating it would be better for the growing cubs, but she still snuck in her fair share of trout or catfish. She couldn't ignore the cravings, after all; perhaps not cravings from pregnancy, but certainly from her previous lifestyle. It was difficult to suddenly switch from eating fish for nearly every meal to dining on deer and sheep. 
Still, perhaps it wasn't due to the change in diet and perhaps it was, she could tell her cubs were growing strong and healthy. Her belly was certainly larger than many who she had seen come and go through their pregnancies. Now she
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[SI] Escape from Tragedy
Featuring Sumara
Y107 After the Great Release, Summer
Mitu territory, Rock Desert
Being a hunter, Mara had never imagined herself in the position where she would need to fight. She hadn't been trained very well to do so, able to hold her own in a spar since, well, Mitu cats were usually giant and bulky from the start and had a distinct advantage in that sense, but fighting had never appealed to her in the same way that hunting had, say for the occasional friendly sparring and wrestling with her siblings as cubs. It was difficult to avoid in such a large litter, and of course cubs were often more rambunctious than their adult selves. Hunting had been her calling, holding very little interest in herbs during her younger years when Mitu typically chose their path in life. Hunting was something she had been naturally good at, her cumbersome form seeming graceful in the trees of the Northern swa
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[SI] Think Fast
Featuring Koriga and NPC solider and Lieutenant
Y104, Summer
Giza, Medashi Territory
Her shoulders hunched, hackles raised and claws drawn out like knives, ready to slice through the butter of her opponent's skin. Reddish-orange eyes gleamed bright like fire in the shadows, seeming to illuminate her face in a horrific glow. Koriga was not one to mess around; although her instructor insisted these matches were nothing more than spars meant for practicing, Kira found no purpose in practicing without incentive to do your best. The possibility of injury or even death was certainly enough to spark that in most cats. She had grown bored of sparring with sheathed claws and gentle teeth; how was that supposed to prepare her for the real world, for fights in which she might put her life on the line? She was the heiress to one of Giza's main four Houses. She was to be on the Dark Council some day. She could not afford to lose. It would
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[SI] They Strike Again
Featuring Princess Leis with mention of NPC soldier, healer, and guard, as well as brief mention of Queen MaeveKing BrandurCrown Prince Imani, and Naffin
Summer, Y107 After the Great Release
Kifani territory, The Outpost
Summer was near its end and Leis had slowly begun to relax back into the peaceful life she led for those precious few months as a cub before her elder brother was stolen -- and likely dead now, according to nearly everyone. After such an assault on the royal family, made so apparently easy as a single Giza had escaped from prison, made it past all of their guards, and snatched the cub without notice, Leis was rightfully nervous. She had been a bit of a wreck after the incident, too young to experience and process such an event. Her little whi
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Lyanna || Reuben x Lias Pron by MusesWorks Lyanna || Reuben x Lias Pron :iconmusesworks:MusesWorks 2 1 The Return Home || Fawnlings by MusesWorks The Return Home || Fawnlings :iconmusesworks:MusesWorks 9 1 The Royal and Imperial Pirates by abosz007 The Royal and Imperial Pirates :iconabosz007:abosz007 449 19 Oonagh's Creche (So Far) by MoonShinersDaughter Oonagh's Creche (So Far) :iconmoonshinersdaughter:MoonShinersDaughter 4 8 Black Wolf by Kipine Black Wolf :iconkipine:Kipine 1,745 30 Your Fawnling Here- Snow Edition by salemtide Your Fawnling Here- Snow Edition :iconsalemtide:salemtide 2 11 Distractions Disrupt Drills by LeakyTrain Distractions Disrupt Drills :iconleakytrain:LeakyTrain 3 0
Big Brother Puma
Featuring Izabel, Ziva, and Morgoth
Spring, Year 772 of the New Age
Widow's Hollow, Blackwood

I'd never hurt more in my entire life. My whole body was sore, so places more than others, obviously. Upon waking up, I didn't remember what had happened the previous day. Why was I hurting so much? When my gaze fell upon the tiny silver and black bundle wedged between myself and Melkor, however… it all came crashing back. I was a mother. Yesterday I had brought Melkor and I's daughter into the world. She was strangely colored and I worried for her safety… but she was strong and full of fire.
My eyes wandered to my sleeping mate and my heart swelled with love. We'd made this tiny, perfect being together… I couldn't love either of them more. My eyes travelled to Ike now. To my surprise, the cougar was still sitt
:iconprimalinstincts:PrimalInstincts 2 0
Kuroko and Kagami by almaadst Kuroko and Kagami :iconalmaadst:almaadst 7 2 Elowen | Doe | Gardener by Serenade-The-Wolf Elowen | Doe | Gardener :iconserenade-the-wolf:Serenade-The-Wolf 2 3 Foggy Cuddles by Wild-Fawnz Foggy Cuddles :iconwild-fawnz:Wild-Fawnz 2 0 TEAM TARDIS by JOSERODMOTA TEAM TARDIS :iconjoserodmota:JOSERODMOTA 40 2


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No idea if anyone will be interested in this, but I am debating about making promos-banners for anyone who would want one for anything. There are a few things that I ask for first though 

- If fandom related, it must be a screenshot or a commission that you asked for! I will not be using fanart that wasn't created for you. 
- Pictures must be owned by you/made for you for the promos/banners. 
- Points only to make the banners/promos. Points depend on how many photos I am give. Limit is three photos for each banner. 

1 photo: 2 points 
2 photos: 5 points 
3 photos: 10 points 


Noctis promo by mkayswritings
Seraph of the End promo by mkayswritings
Voltron/VLD Promo by mkayswritings <- ones like this will be 2 points 



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