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Talzanna WIP #3 by mkayswritings Talzanna WIP #3 :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 1 0 Talzanna WIP #2 by mkayswritings Talzanna WIP #2 :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 1 0 Talzanna WIP by mkayswritings Talzanna WIP :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 1 0
Searching For A Friend
Featuring Ravette
Winter, Year 1997 of the New Age, Auster Wood
It had become clear to Ravette that her earth dragon Ascelin was feeling lonely even when he was in her company, it was obvious that he could use another dragon as a friend. That had the decision that she was going to find a dragon egg to bring back to him, she hoped that it would cheer him up. Ascelin had already been upset about the cold which was why he was staying hidden inside of their home with plenty of food and warmth until Ravette returned from her wanderings. She was determined to bring a dragon egg home even if it was going to be difficult to locate one, a new dragon would give Ascelin the chance to have something to looking forward to. Where to start though, that was going to be difficult since it was never easy to find one place where one could be found.
The doe had gotten an idea on a few places to look at from the ones she had asked who had dragons already, she was hopefully that one of those places would co
:iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 0 0
The Rejection
Featuring Cyprien and Ravette
Year 1997, Winter, Auster Wood
Snow was now covering the ground since winter had finally decided to make it appearance which of course meant colder weather. Ravette wasn’t thrilled of the cold as she would like to stay hiding inside of her home until it went away, but there was no choice. She had patients that she needed to take care of plus making sure to get plenty of food to keep herself going for the day. It was the rut season so extra care had to be taken because of the stags that would be searching or fighting for does, Ravette already had her mind set on one certain stag. If he was going to accept what she had to say though, but first thing was that she needed to find him first figuring that he had to be somewhere around the Auster Wood. It wouldn’t take long for Ravette to get to the one spot that seemed to be a favorite of Cyprien’s plus spotting his chestnut colored coat among the leafless plants wasn’t go
:iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 1 2
Zot |Serenity Meadows Estate| by mkayswritings Zot |Serenity Meadows Estate| :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 1 0 Uncommon design 1481 by mkayswritings Uncommon design 1481 :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 10 0
A New Friend?
Featuring Duke Lothian and Robin mentioning Nemesis
Summer, Year 770 of the New Age
The Glenwood, Glenmore
Another day had come as the pale Duke was following his mother around today since there were a few things that she wanted to show him. Lothian always enjoyed going on outings like this though since there was a chance he could see something or meet someone new. He hoped that something exciting was going to happen since he was still a bit curious about the land that he lived in. There was still much for Lothian to learn though and hold up to the Weylin name since he was apart of the royal bloodline even though he wasn’t a lord like his father. It wasn’t going to be easy for him especially
:iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 1 0
|Lady Freya| Lord Judas x Ravette by mkayswritings |Lady Freya| Lord Judas x Ravette :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 1 8 Shelter From The Snow by mkayswritings Shelter From The Snow :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 2 0
The Blizzard
Featuring Ravette and Judas
Year 1997, Winter 
Austerian Territory, Ravette’s home
Winters were always pretty tough in Austerian as Ravette did discover that when she was old enough to be on her own. She had to be ready for the cold days while having plenty of food for her and Ascelin. She knew that the small dragon wasn’t going to come out of the home during those cold days which was why she made sure there was plenty of food and warmth left for him when she had ventured out for a bit. Rave would always return after a few hours knowing that Asceling would be looking for her like he always did, the dragon was very close to her. They had a bond that would make it difficult for them to separate each other.
Ravette had gone out to find some food for her to eat that morning besides what she has hidden away in her home, but that is for only when the weather get worse. Like a blizzard which was going to be very common around this season so she had to be ready for when that w
:iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 0 4
Horse Ship it #29 - Lancelot x Rosemarie by mkayswritings Horse Ship it #29 - Lancelot x Rosemarie :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 1 0 Horse Practice by mkayswritings Horse Practice :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 4 0 Valeric|Maer|Iotas by mkayswritings Valeric|Maer|Iotas :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 3 2 Free Creation Design - Valeric by mkayswritings Free Creation Design - Valeric :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 4 5 Percival|Stag|Commoner by mkayswritings Percival|Stag|Commoner :iconmkayswritings:mkayswritings 8 4


Skills are different from stats. While stats are pre-determined by your cats body type, gender and features, skill are things that can be learned. "In addition, cubs can inherit skills from their parents! Some of these skills are needed to ascend in certain ranks!
Skills can be divided into 2 categories!
Physical skillsMental skills
Physical skills
Age cap after Adult: YES!
Physical skills are different from Mental skills as there is an age cap at the Elder and Ancient age, because the physical status of your body is limiting you. While this has an effect on your level when you become an Elder or Ancient, this does not have an effect on your teaching skills and your theory lessons. Elders and Ancients are still much wanted for their knowledge about these skills.
Physical skills are
Mental skills
Age cap after Adult: NO!
Mental skills are different from Physical skills as there is no age cap after Adult.
:iconjian89:Jian89 1 0
Anshil | Male | Gladiator by DaretoDream0 Anshil | Male | Gladiator :icondaretodream0:DaretoDream0 4 0
Mature content
Shedu Island | Rights to Claim :iconunio-arpg:Unio-ARPG 1 0
Zhathia | Female | Liege by Serenade-The-Wolf Zhathia | Female | Liege :iconserenade-the-wolf:Serenade-The-Wolf 6 0
[Fawn] Parting
That had happened.
Neira couldn’t completely understand why, although she certainly remembered how, but as a result of her heat and of certain actions, she was very much pregnant. She was not entirely sure how she was so confident of the fact, but she was. There was the nausea and the fierce desire to eat tree bark, coupled with the beginnings of a swelling in her flank, and there wasn’t a way to escape it now.
She had been with Larken on the mountain for more than three years now. They had fallen into a comfortable rhythm together - she had even stopped saying that she was needed at the Hollow some time ago. But now…
She could not raise a fawn here. It was unthinkably dangerous - that first time with the wolves had very much not been the last - and there was meager enough food for the two of them without a third mouth. Although apparently she’d need to provide milk for that mouth, which was somewhat horrifying to
:iconserenade-the-wolf:Serenade-The-Wolf 1 0
[Shedu] Malkan Summer by Serenade-The-Wolf [Shedu] Malkan Summer :iconserenade-the-wolf:Serenade-The-Wolf 4 2 Daily Paint #2064. Hospitowl (Delayed. Emergency) by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint #2064. Hospitowl (Delayed. Emergency) :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,531 153 Daily Paint #2065. Unbearable Heat by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint #2065. Unbearable Heat :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 2,334 87 Astolfo (Fate/Apocrypha) by SelflessDevotions Astolfo (Fate/Apocrypha) :iconselflessdevotions:SelflessDevotions 58 1 Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez - Bleach (Japanese Parasol) by Dingier Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez - Bleach (Japanese Parasol) :icondingier:Dingier 53 1
Possessing the Small
771 of the New Age
Widow’s Hallow, Blackwood
Featuring: Inkeri

Rolling over, the young doe winced when her muscles protested the movement as she slowly woke to a calm, spring morning. Taking stock of her body, she tested each muscle, and all she could focus on is that everything hurt. Even her hair seemed to ache as she slowly pulled herself up and out of the den she shared with only her mother now that her father was off to Glenmore. Yesterday she has spent the day with a few friends, honing her skills for a fight and preparing for her Coming of Age ritual she would be required to do by the end of the year. She had gone to bed sore...but not this sore…
Trying her best to stretch out the worst of it, Inka trotted off as Hrōkr left his perch to follow overhead. Today would be better suited practicing magic while her body healed, so the black doe escaped to her little oasis that she had mad for herself near a small
:iconwolfoftheshire:WolfOfTheShire 3 0
CADHARA'S THRONE by MonochromeFox CADHARA'S THRONE :iconmonochromefox:MonochromeFox 10 9
Drengir Hross - Custom Imports = SUMMER PRICES !
Hello everybody, 
The custom imports are open again !
But, how does it work ? 
Simple, follow the steps ! 
1 -  Fill the following form :
Gender : Mare/Stallion
Color : 
Genotype (optional) :
Markings :
HELP LINK : Coats ranges, rarity degrees and prices
2 -
 Send the form by a note to the group Titled "Custom Drengir Hross Import"
3 - Wait to the answer from the group who will tell you which kind of import you've ask (Common, rare, extra-rare or extraordinary). After we've answer to your note, go to the BlueAlexArts's profile and use the commission widget corresponding to the type of imports which we've indicate to you and precise in the text area "Custom import for [Your Pseudo]".
4 - After that, we'll do the import and you'll find it h
:iconbluealexarts:BlueAlexArts 4 0
The Unseen Stock - July '18


Blanket Flowers by Esmeralda-stock Fireworks 2018 IMG 1302 by WDWParksGal-Stock Overhang by The-Darkwolf
Fog in Moisakula 14 by MASYON
Clouds in the sky by A1Z2E3R Ouassous Shrimps pond by A1Z2E3R 36 by JewelsStock
Cloud Stock 7895 by Phenix59
Landscapes in summer 2 by MASYON Canopy and Cilaos town and Cilaos Ramparts by A1Z2E3R Stock 266 Der Weg by Einheit00
Cilaos Cirque to Reunion Island by A1Z2E3R
40 by JewelsStock
:iconmalleni-stock:Malleni-Stock 28 16
Claw Token Design 28 by SheduMaster Claw Token Design 28 :iconshedumaster:SheduMaster 3 2 Claw Token Design 29 by SheduMaster Claw Token Design 29 :iconshedumaster:SheduMaster 5 3


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