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Game of Thrones (c) George R. R. Martin
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AWESOME. Everyone cheered when this happened XD
LEKKER's avatar
Tyrion 1, King 0.
Imp slap to that little ol' face will
Get you satisfactio-o-onnnnn
Imp slap, babyyyyy...
maloire's avatar
Ahhh!!! I totally bought a copy of this from you at AR2012! <3
loslinos's avatar
This is great :D Thanks for the good laugh :)
crazyashley's avatar
dude. i laughed sooo friggin hard at this. and it's so TRUE!
Tanmahja's avatar
Great slap!! Oh, I mean artwork. I love it!
MadCat221's avatar
One word... and I hit you again.

Do I make myself clear?
HyaRay's avatar
Have you seen the gif with all the slaps edited together?
MKage's avatar
TheTrickster96's avatar
Haha you are a genius XD
Revised joke: What did The Hand say to the King? SLAP!
JerkPuncher's avatar
haha, i love that scene. go tyrion! xD
averrose's avatar
there are several, you'll be enjoying a lot of the books/show >:)
miafaye's avatar
LOL! i love this!
tyusiu's avatar
I love it!! ^^:heart:
WandaRocket's avatar
Radzha's avatar
The pimp hand is strong in this one!
RoseyCheekes's avatar
Some of my favourite scenes consist of Tyrion slapping that little brat >: )
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