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Three Kerbal Mun

By MK01
Kerbal Space Program, the cartoony yet surprisingly accurate rocket science game, now comes with a moon to crash into land on, which has prompted me to do, well, this.

See also, my other pic related to the game: [link]
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The fact that there is no T-shirt of this, 3 years after the Mun was created, makes me disappoint.
endriklos977's avatar
Can i use this? Trying to make a bank card with somnething from ksp but the most perfect picture isn't allowed.
luxidoptera's avatar
im laughing far too hard over this
sighshell's avatar
you have quite a good style.
Anix1088's avatar
lets hope they don't bring back the astronauts from moonbase alpha....
Pups-the-Piper's avatar
This would make an awesome t-shirt! XD
Nightwatchman111's avatar
I'd love to buy a print of this.
Imwudyn's avatar
Yes... Just yes...
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Dinoleox1's avatar
Let me guess,
From the Left to the right,the tense guy is Bob Kerman,the happy is Jebediah,and the Scared is Bill,right?
I want this on a shirt
MK01's avatar
Yeah, me too.
Brobsuglydoodles's avatar
Kickstarter it or something?
"One small step for a Kerbal, one huge chunk of flaming debris for Kerbalkind"
XVeris's avatar
Looks like a movie poster :O
metalliam's avatar
dammnit i was gonna do this same thing, you beat me to it, and it looks amazing
ipzofakto's avatar
Okay, now I have a new challenge besides launching them out of the gravitational bounds of Earth.

Does anybody else get the impression Kerballian sounds like the Yip-yips?: [link]
DeepChrome's avatar
Hahaha, Kerbal heads. :lmao:

That's funny. I loved your previous Kerbal pic, so this is win.
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