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Outrageously Lovecraftian

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Published: March 29, 2009
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"I shall call this:
To adventure! Ha-haa!"

EDIT: Whoops, coloring error.
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Look, we know more about the surface of the moon than the deep ocean. DC has used this fact to let him pull stunts like the depicted one at least once.
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LonelySitlentAngelStudent Writer
Heart is an Awesome Power...
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you know something i actually think aquaman could pull this off.
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Watch the movie. HE DID. 
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HOLY SHIT. Now only if Yamcha could get something this epic.
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OOHHH SNAP!!! I will never question Aqua Man's powers again!!
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Calling Aquaman lame is something only done by those with no grasp of the natural world at all. 

In order to simply survive at depths he's known to swim (500+ atmospheres of pressure) you'd need to be as tough as Superman. 

And commanding sea life? Forget about Cthulhu for a minute and assume the ocean of DC Earth has only "regular" sea life:

"He could control every creature that lives in the sea. But I don't think either of you know what that really means. Do you know, do you understand, do you have any idea how much life there is in just one single square mile of sea? I don't think you do... and if you multiply that by lots of miles in every direction... I'd never seen anything like it in my whole life... and God as my witness, I hope to never see it again."

 - The Brave and the Bold Vol 3 #32

He's a force to be reckoned with.
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pac2005Hobbyist General Artist
Whatever the **** is down there has gotta be good. Deep sea fangly fish, etc
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yeah even on dry land away from the water, he's still incredibly strong and a trained fighter.  plus he's the king of Atlantis for good reason.
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Insanity-ManStudent Traditional Artist
This picture is outrageous!

But seriously, this is awesome!
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KeplerNovaHobbyist Photographer
TV Tropes brought me here.

Also, I appreciate your use of Brave and the Bold Aquaman. The best Aquaman. :D
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Aquaman: I'm useless they said, I have lame power they said 

Look at Aquaman now in the Injustice games 
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"Who's useless now???"
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Lex Luthor: (throws Kryptonite in the garbage) Curse you, Lovecraft.
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Darkfeather21Hobbyist General Artist
False. Cthulhu is not a creature of the deep. He only sleeps there.
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maybe not the actual cthulhu, but there's been at least one comic where Aquaman was controlling something that was close enough that it doesn't necessarily matter,
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A tough team to beat in pairs water polo. 
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McTalonStudent General Artist
Welp, looks like all of Aquaman's detractors are doomed.
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"I'm useless, they said. I have stupid powers, they said."
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Very cool, like this a lot!
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"Someone Please.  I'm begging you.  Tell me, in detail, how lame my superpowers are.  
Go on.  I'm listening. "
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SuperArtMaximHobbyist General Artist
Not very much so, given that you can do, well, *gestures to Cthulhu* THAT.
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In theory, it would work on Godzilla too.
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