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Kerbal Space Odyssey

Kerbal Space Program is a space program simulator by an indie developer currently in alpha state that allows you to construct rockets from parts, Spore style, and then send that craft to a bold mission into space to tumble, break and crash in flames under accurately simulated orbital mechanics.
Its brave crew, a trio of green muppet aliens that react to the circumstances and the stress of space flight, each in their own way.


This piece was done as a speedpaint inspired by these intrepid Kerbalnauts and obviously a bit of an homage to one of the more famous scenes in science fiction cinema. The overwhelmingly positive feedback it's gotten prompted me to clean it up a little and refine the framing. As of Version 0.8.5, it is visible in the game as a loading screen.
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:D This is the finest work of Kerbal-based art in existence. :love:

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Are we not going to talk about how the one in the middle seems to be enjoying it all?

SketchyBastit's avatar

That's Jeb, we don't talk about Jeb...he's a bit different.

randomentity777's avatar

Well that's f**king ominous.

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you should REALLY sell this as a t-shirt!
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Bill, Bob and I on a regular old space flight
NordRonnoc's avatar
The kerbal on the right, though.
Lunawhitedeer's avatar
I need this in my life but I don't have enough points or money XD
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Ah yes, fond memories. Haven't touched the game in a while now, but this is the loading screen that always pops up every time I load :)
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Jebidiah will lead the way! 
Boligonautas's avatar
OHHH that game!
i think i will play this again, oh the old times x(
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all the memories of killing innocent kerbals with large explosions and broken physics are coming back... ah, good times.
KGames's avatar
nostalgia flowing back
rlkitterman's avatar
"My's full of struts!"
11builderboy11's avatar
Congrats on getting your fanart into the game! :D
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Are you happy that it's now a loading screen for this game? Because it makes me think of a scene near the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey.
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Oh my god!  You got your art actually in the game!  Holy shit!  Amazing dude!  :D
Djnee's avatar
Thank You for giving me the absolute pleasure of see this screen for MANY HOURS HAHA! I want this on a poster !
toainsully's avatar
I thought this came with the actual game, but no! It was you!!!!!!!!
boBylliB's avatar
Wow you made this? I thought it was a hired artist, this is amazing! Good job!
Kestrel-Comics's avatar
Oh snap YOU'RE the guy that made this?  Awesome job!
GiMoody's avatar
My Boyfriend loves this game, and the drawing too!
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