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March 24, 2006
In case you've ever wondered, ~MK01 brings you the Anatomy of a Smiley.
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Anatomy of a Smiley



Well. Originally this was a pencil sketch I drew during lectures, but I decided it was good enough to be some real clean, defined, colored, finished piece. I love smileys. They're so simple, yet have so much expression.

They're also my ultimate target of graphical abuse, in one year of uni I've had them burnt, shot, knived, blown up, grilled, microwaved, bashed, spiked, lightning-struck, hammered, beaten, diced, electrocuted, and repeatedly smashed with pianos, elephants, rocks, trucks, boats, anvils and 16-ton weights.

And they keep smiling! Whatever I do to them, they seem to be constantly happy, and that's why I love them so much. They never fail to lift my spirits, if only for the seconds it takes to draw them.
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I thought emoticons were those things you make with keyboard symbols