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Body Art

By MK-FireQueen
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you dont have to credit me if you use this on DeviantArt.
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C O M M E N T:
i hate it when people keep bitchin about tattoo's, saying it's crap,ugly unnature discutsing and escpeicaly
they look at you like your a criminal...
People, open your eyes!
Stamp © *MK-FireQueen
Tattoo Brush © =Falln-Stock
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© 2009 - 2021 MK-FireQueen
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RustyHauser's avatar
I have a dragon crawling down my back and a bowel cancer symbol on my right arm, everyone thinks they're awesome!
Toon-Gamer65's avatar
I don't have tattoos,but a dear friend of mine has one. Her tattoo is of a dragon,and it's located on her leg.
Oiseauarcenciel's avatar
I'll be using it! :D
LadyRenaTear's avatar
Ofcourse its art :D i now have 3 tattoos and much much more on the way XD
TattooFox's avatar
no tattoos yet, but an apprenticeship to a tattoo artist ad a Piercer.
princessrosygirl's avatar
I love it. I have 3 tattoos so far
MK-FireQueen's avatar
Awesome:highfive: So far i just have one, but i'm planning to have much more.
Wicasa-stock's avatar
Hell yeah! :headbang:
I am that classic person who said, "I'll get just one" and have 3 so far.
Arcwelder1's avatar
I agree... besides it's everyone's own choice whether to get tattoos or not, and no one should bitch about choices made by other people as it is none of their business. People are individuals and like different things.

I have 10 myself (and that's the max number I'm gonna have)all of which I love and have never had any problems getting a job or anything, and never have heard of such either. People here don't cover them up anymore -this is the 21st century after all, even if some narrow minds do live in medieval times. And hell, humans have the ability to avert their gaze if they see something they don't like.
MK-FireQueen's avatar
:nod:words has never been spoken so wisely! I agree!
Arcwelder1's avatar
WeluDixon's avatar
Took me ages to get the courage to get my tattoos. So glad I did but too bad I get bad comments about them. Especially cause one if on my forearm so if I go for any job interview I have to cover it.

Awesome stamp!
MK-FireQueen's avatar
yeah that sucks...i also got those stupidass comments about my tattoo..
people just should shut the hell up.

and thank you!:D
ValentinaCappadonna's avatar
i'm completely sleeved with so many others scattered all over me...& yeah, people tend to judge especially being a woman.
MK-FireQueen's avatar
Ohh yeah, and i thinks it's verry wrong....
Damn those people:shakefist:
majinshirow's avatar
I totally agree with this stamp. I wish people could get the jobs they want without covering up their tats just because someone doesn't like it. The only way you can have tat and not have to cover them up is if you work at a fast food restaurant or some pizza delivery place or even the tattoo shop itself.

I really don't see the big deal about tattoos. My parents don't want me to gave any, but I'm getting them sometime in my life.
MK-FireQueen's avatar
in my eyes, its discrimination for the people who as a tattoo.
Let people be how they wanted to be,
if i want to tattoo my whole fucking body, i'll do that and if someone has problems with it, they neet to fock and if they think its discusing,..


yeah you will have tattoo, i'm sure,
one day we all will live on our own and our parents cant tell us what we can and cant to with our bodys, and desisions.
majinshirow's avatar
I agree entire with everything you said.^_^ I love tattoos and I think they are sexy, same goes for piercings,lol
MK-FireQueen's avatar
ohh yes!!
i just love piercings!:heart:
i even have one of my self mwuahahah XD
they are fucking hott
majinshirow's avatar
I want more, but pple in my family think I'll ruin my face. Aw c'mon, I know when to stop,lmfao:XD:
MK-FireQueen's avatar
i know right XDDD
majinshirow's avatar
I know,lol and every time I see a guy with piercings, he's always hot, but taken,lmao:XD: I hate when that happens,lol
MK-FireQueen's avatar
ahh those hawt guys are alwasy taken!!! grrrrrr
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