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Marilyn manson

By mjzr
27/2/12 [im lazy so i'll say it here, thanks for all the favs guys!]

i was bored, and found a picture of Marilyn Manson.
i wanted to make darkness come off of him, so i did it.

tell me what you think...
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thanks dude
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Hate to be the 16th comment and break 15, lol. But this is EPIC! Really I love this. -Hey check out this journal, Seven is making a book of fan art for Marilyn and are going to GIVE it to him! Here: [link]
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haha its alright and thank you. i really wish i had the original file for this, but in the years of changing computers it's been lost in the shuffle :( but that journal sounds sweeeeeeet
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p.s im loving your art :)

awesome:D, i love the black n' red combo. Also, could u make it like 1280-1024 so i could use it as a desktop? :-"
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i'll see what i can do lol i'm not going to be home til next week but i'll let you know if its doable :)
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thanks! and thanks for the save :) i used photoshop cs3 to do it.
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Brilliant, very well achieved, just curious though, what program did you use?
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Very nice work. Like the edit you did to him.
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thank you!!
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Your very welcome! :)
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and you are just as sexy
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Great pic! :) I like how the idea comes out in this - very cool indeed. ^^

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lol thanks :D
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NICE! =D marilyn mansons cool...
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thanks :) he is pretty awsome :p
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