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Angler Fish and Baboons are my two favourite animals. So naturally when they join forces they are an unstoppable force of awesome.

Also, I would love a bio-luminescent ass. Just saying.

[Changed the border a bit.]
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Them butt-cheeks.
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...Only if you're attracted to well lit baboon butts!:lol:
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then the light literaly shines from ur ass
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Yeah, I'm pretty amazing like that.
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Reminds me of a sun-block add. Except there is a baby affecting that pose. I think this would be a more interesting model for those adds....can you picture it? I can. ****sigh**** It would be skintastic! =]

Love it!
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When they start genetically engineering animals for commercials, we're all doomed.
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LOL!!! Too true!
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Dare I ask what a male of the species looks like?
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More like sea monkies.
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Bio-luminescent ass = win. :meow: Love this.
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*wiggles butt*
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This is made of 500,000 kinds of awesome.
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Best hybrid ever.
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Hey sexy. How YOU doin'? :eyes:
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been done but srsly its true
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