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Shit on the floor

Well I usually dun draw stuff nowdays... was a long time since I did it, and can't rly say that im good ;P
Anyway... just draw this, kinda cute... even though there is shit on the floor :aww:
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I don't know why I did know....nature called....:blushes:

just kidding=D

I just love the pic for it's originality and humor! You should draw some more of this!
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Better late then never xD lol: [link] (Similar to this)
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Haha thank you for your comment... and yes I promise, I will =)
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sweet these is nice and funny!
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very it
HAHA this made me laugh a lot. It looks so cute and innocent. I sent it to my friends and they laughed too so :+fav:
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Haha awesome, really glad you liked it. Posted it on dA to make ppl laugh so :D
Thank you for you cheerful comment :D
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aaw you're really good at drawing
this is so cute! =P
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hehe thank you :bow: :aww:
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but..i think the shit doesn't really look like shit..
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ah well :aww:
you still knew it was shit tho ;O
but yea you are right... can't say my drawing skills are top of the line.

thx for commenting :D
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you're welcome sir =)
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This made me crack up and I was all by myself. It feels kind of silly to be giggling hysterically and no one else is even in the room! :P
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YES! I made you stupid for a moment ;P
Haha just kidding, love that it made you laugh, it is what it's suppose to do :D
Thank you for commenting :D
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I do not think it took you to make me stupid... and it's not for a moment! :P A lot of people say that I fulfill all stereotypes of blondes and artists... in other words, I lose stuff a lot ! :P Just kiddin'... there is nothing better than something that makes you laugh and you just can't help it! :)
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so true so true :D
well really glad you liked it :aww:
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hahaha!! good one man! :D
MjuPhoto's avatar
haha isn't it ;O
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OMG so cute!! :D Nice drawed too!
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