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You know you want to

Self Portrait.
Camera: Edgertronic @2000FPS
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Years ago you had a lot of stock photography you offered to use, and now I wanted to have a look again but this is the only content in the stock category. Did you take all of those nice shootings out, or can they still be found somewhere else? Thanks for all your great work.
moooncube's avatar
Different profile dude, look for mjranum-stock.
RyanPowers's avatar
When I saw the Mature Content label, I was expecting a scene of you jerking off to guro or something.  I was disappointed at how inoffensive the video actually was.
you are extremely talented.i have observed your work for some time with a dear appreciation for your talent.
  you are really talented in a mass of many that are not.
  who do I speak to regarding a purchase of your works?i tend towards large scale because my house is large and commands it
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asaph70's avatar
invite the Ex over for some fun?
lilbittydemon's avatar
This was kinda, (read: INSANELY), awesome.
just sayin...
MarkArandjus's avatar
Vulgar display of Ranum.
WickedPrince's avatar
Dude, I was so imagining that scene in the Airplane movie where the entire plane lines up to slap the crap out of the hysterical lady. :D
Promet-he-us's avatar
That is what it felt like when I noticed that that green thing is supposed to be the new dA logo.

Fantastic, reality cannot be beaten (no pun). Thank you for going through the pain, I like it for all the details it delivers, it could become a valuable reference (I would not want to slap you, ever, though).

Belote-Art's avatar
That looks like it friggin' hurt!
mjranum's avatar
kbyers's avatar
The hint of smile at the end makes me wonder....did you enjoy it or were you just surprised at her ferocity? lol!
mjranum's avatar
I was surprised at how hard she hit me.
emortalcoil's avatar
Why would I want to slap you?  You're such a cuddly Meow :3 fellow...
RoguePantheraPardus's avatar
I know everybody is wondering, but I'll apparently be the first to ask (in comments anyway); who got to slap ya?
mjranum's avatar
A friend. She really nailed me, too!!!
Pelicanh's avatar
I keep wondering how many "takes" you did! Lol
mjranum's avatar
One take. She hit me so hard my ears were ringing!!
M4IAN's avatar
Hope she didn't give you a bruise. 

But look at the bright side. At lest you are smiling at the end…….kind of.
Pelicanh's avatar
LOL. Worth it!
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