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HWLana's avatar
Also vik

Also also vik
great photo of a fabulous pose
i think you ve worked beautifully together to show off her real beauty

WickedPrince's avatar
Awesome piece of art sir. :)
11-7's avatar
This would make for an spectacular lifesize sculpture. A scaled one would be amazing too.
peter0906's avatar
Ah the pedestal one of your all time greatest prop.  And such a love figure to put upon it.
mimikascraftroom's avatar
Your art is inspiring!!:clap:
Axel-Von-Wallenrod's avatar
VSConcepts's avatar
It's wonderful to see you post again Marcus.  She's no Necropolis, but she is certainly an equally beautiful attraction! :nod:
In particular, I like how she's curved over such a rigid object.  A contrast of circles and lines that's quite elegant. 
RoguePantheraPardus's avatar
So, I noticed the way her toes are curled.  Is she by chance a dancer?

Also, it's great to see you post something here again (ya know, that isn't stock).
Hope life has been kind to you.
mjranum's avatar
She is a professionally trained ballerina, who got into modelling a few years ago.
Magicc-Imagery's avatar
So nice to see your post .... seems like its been a long time!     This is beautiful!!!
pallibjoss's avatar
InsaneDavid's avatar
Breathtaking, simply put.
TheBandito's avatar
OMFG those ribs.

She is outstandingly gorgeous.

I've missed you, brother.

Hope all is well in your world.

mjranum's avatar
I find I am fascinated by ribs, too. It's so cool how they arch down and around and everything.

I am well. Busy elsewhere, doing other things - less photography, more writing and whatnot. I'll drop by your place and check out what you've been up to.
TheBandito's avatar
Well, I hope all is well.  Your work has always been inspiring and delightful.

Look forward to chatting when and if you're around.

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