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Various Failures

Models: Me (!) in the black and Melissa T (in the white)
the images for this product on are damn funny.
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Mar 12, 2012, 6:31:08 PM
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Caught-in-Nightmares's avatar
Are you still confusing the world, my old friend? n_n
mjranum's avatar
I try! Or maybe the world is confusing me.
Caught-in-Nightmares's avatar
When does the world not confuse? XD Still, that's part of the mess that is our collaborative arts and paint colors. n_n Hopefully it's been a thrill, even in the confusion, and not a burden?
TalonNokone's avatar
This is the ultimate showdown, of ultimate destiny. Good guys, bad guys, and explosions as far as the eye can see. There is only one who'll survive, I wonder who'll it will be. This is the ultimate showdown, of ultimate destiny. =3
mjranum's avatar
Indeed, you're completely right!

Or maybe it's about rejection and racism.
TalonNokone's avatar
That's strangely powerful then.
Pelicanh's avatar
"Hey....why the long face??"
Oh dear... it's a strange place in your head, Mr Ranum!! :)
Someone here says hi!
mjranum's avatar
Give the pretty lady a pinch on the butt, for me. ;)

Yeah, it's a strange place in my head. I like it in here, though, in badger-land.
Pelicanh's avatar
Sure will .... He' can just grab a handful next time you come through.
PavelKirilovich's avatar
OK, yeah, this is pretty awesome. "Reckon horses think about unicorns the same way we think about aliens?" is the line that came to mind for some reason.
mjranum's avatar
Hm, interesting.
What I enjoy about abstract surrealism is that you never know what other people will come up with. That's quite fun. ;)
KellyGirl1's avatar
klapouch's avatar
DocHott's avatar
Ha ha ha ! For a minute there I thought it was "adult cosplay chess" :LMFAO: :D ;) hehe
arach71nophobia's avatar
Excellent concept --- well done! wood would wish weren't so dark (lighting)
nurunuru's avatar
Reminds me of a certain Death in Vegas music video.
mjranum's avatar
Haven't seen it...
nurunuru's avatar

Sexy people with animal heads at 1:10
LivingIsTheDream's avatar
They are funny, think I saw something once similar on a website with loads of people wearing these masks but still a fun idea.
wallawallabigguy's avatar
Melissa strikes a wonderful pose here!
mjranum's avatar
She did great. Mostly we were both jumping around - couldn't see anything through the masks...
FoxDesigns's avatar
It's a good thing you told us you were wearing black otherwise we'd make comments about your boobs. ;P
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