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Model :iconbrittaniluv:
shot at 240 frames/second with a Casio Exilim.

I keep getting tempted by the Miro/Phantom cameras that do high-speed high-resolution, but they cost as much as a decent car... Ouch. Maybe I'll rent one next summer - they're about $11,000 to buy and $700/day to rent...

Audio is me messing around with a Roland MC505 and Alesis AirFX and some Killian's in the background.
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-Again very beautyfull....

Many modern cameras offer highspeed slow motion (but it might not be sufficient for your needs), and one thing more You might want to have the light a little further away, You´ll have a much softer light (google "light falloff")...

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They cost that much!?
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I really love your art and your slomo videos are amazing. That said, please consider to ask a musician for help with producing a sensible sound track. The outcome could be really great. Your own skills with music and sound are just not up to your high degree of visual artistry - by far, unfortunately.
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I agree. I suck at music. :(
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Amazing ! What camera did you use to capture such soft smooth slow motion ? It looks like it was expensive :P
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I used a Casio EX-F1. It's not cheap but it's not very expensive compared to more typical high speed cameras.
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Roland 505? you don't got a 808 pimpin'? DAYAMN. i didn't know you were skilled in making music. didn't know you were still playing with motion either which is cool.
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I have a 505 and a 303. :) I had an 808 but it was too soft-sounding and not electronic enough.
boot-cheese-3000's avatar
WHAAAAAAAATTTTT!!?!??!???:omfg: "too soft-sounding"? what year was this model? most of them are heavy on the bass and hard on the kicks and snares/snappy on the hand claps.

you got me HELLA JELLA, all i got is a Akai APC 60 (customized--APC 20 + APC 40 = APC 60: [link])

i really wanted to get some decks but this popped into my lap so cheap i couldn't turn it down--and the dude lowered the price by $50 before i contacted him about it! when i make time i'll fiddle around with it and maybe post up some results later. what kinda tracks have you made--the next "Phantom of the Opera" or some shit? remixing "Na-na-na-na Boo-boo"?
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Interesting :) what I'm most interesting is the name, 'tanz' is Urdu for ridicule or tease in many instances
mjranum's avatar
I was thinking of "dance" from the German...
haiderali's avatar
haha funny how a word could have such a big difference over cultures :D
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Awesome! Nothing more to say...
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Wow! Such beauty. I couldn't figure out if it was shot in slow motion or if the model was very composed, either way, great job!
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Shot in slow motion - but she had to figure out how to work with it...
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this is so beautiful!
by accident I had "The melody at night with you" by Keith Jarrett in my player when I looked at it,...and it was pure magic! :)
Very wonderful!
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Glad you like!! I have tons more of this motion video stuff; it's just a pain to edit down..
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This might be by far the most creative artistic nude artwork I have ever seen.
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Glad you like it!! I've done another one a year or so ago called "blackness dance" (also on DA somewhere)
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Did you slow it down in post or was the model able to do that naturally that is awesome
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It was shot with a special camera that cranks 250 frames/second.
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